WordPress 3.2: Just another wordpress upgrade

Wordpress 3.2 was recently released and you can now update your blog easily by clicking the upgrade to WordPress 3.2 link inside your WP admin. After upgrading to 3.2, you’ll notice a brand new user interface. It’s quite cooler and cleaner, because it’s newer, but I think I love to older UI much. I hope they will have an option to choose a user interface, but I guess they will never have it because they always want to change and change and change.
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The Weird WordPress Error from GetProtoByNumber.com on Line 6

If you encountered this error, just like me, then you can’t find a solution online because when you Google the error it will just show you the sites that are currently encountering the error. Don’t be sad and don’t lose hope, I found a solution that might help you.

The error is basically like this:
Warning: file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: Connection timed out in /home/vhosts/getprotobynumber.com/i/rem.php on line 6

It took me a while to fix the error. I changed the theme, removed the plugins, but to no avail.

It was only solved when I deleted the tables inside my MySQL database. There are 4 tables that you need to delete. The tables with “maxblogpress affiliate thingy”. My apologies for not providing a screen shot, but you can check it inside your phpMyadmin and just drop those tables.

And after dropping those tables your WordPress site will be fixed instantly!

I hope this post helps… To those who need it!

Problem with WordPress Auto-Update of Plugins, Themes, and Core Files Solved

If you have a problem in automatically updating your plugins, WP files, and themes. If you need to enter your FTP host, username and password each and every time you want to update your WordPress blog. If you always encounter permission errors every time you attempt to update your WP Plugins and WP core files. If you need to CHMOD all your folders and files to 777 before you can update your WP files. If there’s an error occured while updating Akismet or a specific plugin and the error is “Could not create directory. /public_html”. Just like the screenshot below:

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And Another Update

After upgrading to WordPress 3.0, here comes WordPress 3.0.1, so I updated my WordPress again. I only used WordPress 3.0 for a few days. Wow, WordPress is upgrading so fast!

I bet there’s another update next week, or perhaps, next month. Good thing that upgrading your WordPress blog is as easy as one click!

Just click the Upgrade now, then you’re done! No need to download the .ZIP file from WordPress.org, no need to open your FTP, no need to do some “geek” stuff. Even if you’re a geek, newbie, or an average joe, you can upgrade your WP if you know how to click!

Just Upgraded my WordPress to 3.0

I know.. I know.. I’m pretty late in upgrading my blog. I almost inactive in my online life now. Anyway, I’m back using the default WordPress theme. And oh, WordPress 3.0 is awesome! I love the enhanced admin interface, but there are some things that I miss in the previous WordPress version.

Hmmm… What are those things? I really can’t specify it one by one, but there’s something lacks in this new version.

Something that I really want… Hmmmmm…