WordPress Fatal Error in wp-db.php on line 774

Wow, I just noticed that my blog is now full of WordPress fatal errors and how to fix it. I admit, I’m a certified WordPress junkie. Haha! This is my 78th blog post and my 12th WordPress error post. So… I’ll tag this one as WordPress and… I think just WordPress.

This error is clasified as 500 Internal Server Error. This simply means that the server is the main cause that’s why this error occurred. If you’re familiar with the Fatal error Allowed memory size of [RANDOM NUMBERS HERE] bytes exhausted (tried to allocate [ANOTHER RANDOM NUMBERS HERE] bytes) in /home/user/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 774, then you’ll have an idea that the main cause of this error is your server’s memory allocation to the specific user.

If you googled this error, you’ll find various posts about this error in WP forums and how to fix it. WP users suggest that increasing your memory limit via .htaccess, PHP.ini (in your public_html folder or www folder), and wp-config will fix this error.

To easily modify your memory allocation, just login to your WHM and go to Service Configuration > PHP Configuration Editor, as seen below. You can modify your memory limit, may input time, max execution time, and more!

If you already did everything and it still didn’t work, you need to contact your web hosting provider to increase the memory limit for you.

But have you ever asked why you can’t increase your memory allocation by yourself even if you already did everything and updated your PHP.ini file?

The answer is simple. If your php handler is mod_php or DSO, then you can increase the memory allocation by yourself by updating your PHP.ini. PHP.ini files won’t work in server with mod_php (DSO) as their php handlers. You need to change your PHP handler from mod_php to suPHP.

If the method I told you didn’t work, then you need a new web host! Your web hosting service provider sucks bigtime!


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