Fluency Admin is now compatible with WordPress 3.2

I shared about Fluency before and its incompatibility with WordPress 3.2. Now, Dean, the geek behind 47 robots updated its awesome WP-admin plugin, and it’s now upgraded to Fluency Admin 3.2. So for those who are using Fluency Admin, and deactivated it because it’s not compatible with the latest WP version, now is the time to rejoice, because our precious Fluency admin plugin is now compatible with WP 3.2!

I hope WP will slow down its core updates, so Dean will be bothered to update his world famous Fluency admin plugin again. Haha! Thanks for the hard work Dean!


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  1. Heh, thanks Brian.

    WP3.3 will no doubt be another pain point since they are working on give the CSS an overhaul, doesn’t sound like the design will change but the implementation of the design might/will. Guess I’ll just have to start work on the next Fluency update earlier than I did this time, and not get sidetracked on other things (like I did this time…)

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      You’re very much welcome Dean! Good thing you found time to update Fluency, or else, we’re still mourning for an upgraded Fluency that is compatible with the latest WP version.

      I really do hope that the Automattic guys will slow down in upgrading WordPress, so that it will not bother the Fluency users, specially you, more often. 😀

      Thanks again! And thanks for dropping by!

      PS: And oh, I love the new design!

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