Graphical inspiration from the gaming world

The internet revolution has meant that all of us have become a little more aware as to the importance of having good graphics on our sites. There’s nothing more likely to turn off any potential visitor than having some fuzzy lo-res graphics, and that’s why it’s always good to have a look around to make sure that your digital endeavours are up to date.

The gaming realm in particular is packed full of examples – both good and bad – of how graphics can make or break any project. So here’s a look at how a few next-gen titles, mobile games and even online slots have managed to set themselves apart from the pack.


The next-gen consoles of the Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have gleefully shown us just how powerful they can be in providing sleek graphics that deliver a 21st century gaming experience.
Games like The Order 1886 gained a huge amount of press purely due to their beautiful graphical capacities, and similarly, the Arkham Knight Batman game managed to deliver a fluidity in motion never before seen on our console screens.
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Developing Innovative Video Game Systems

Getting a market share in the technology sector is difficult in a global economy. The video game industry creates plenty of challenges for small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to introduce new features into desktop and portable gaming consoles. Several major hardware manufacturers dominate the production of video game systems worldwide. It’s much easier to penetrate the game publishing industry instead because of the array of genres that could be explored for releasing brand new titles. Nevertheless, some ambitious investors have persisted through all of the obstacles of video game hardware production and managed to introduce innovative products.
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Openkore Bot Modifications to work Login Pin Code (2nd Password) in Philippine Ragnarok New Chaos Server

Here’s a short and fast tip on Openkore Bot Modifications to work Login Pin Code (2nd Password) in Philippine Ragnarok Online New Chaos Server. After the recent update last Wednesday, LevelUp / Playweb Games, Inc. implemented the second password system which annoyed a lot of botters and players around the Philippines and around the world. But thanks to the legendary Fr3DBr for the Sync_Ex algorithm to fix everything and make the login pin code work without errors.
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Odin Travel Shop [Philippine Ragnarok Online]

Philippine Ragnarok Online’s Odin Travel Shop is open today until July 11, 2014. Now is your chance to grab limited edition headgears and items that you can avail if you’re present in one of the on-ground events of LevelUp!.


Here are the current headgears that are available in the OTS with their corresponding prices in ROKs. Also available are the much used Blessed Oridecons and Blessed Eluniums. You can also buy instant name change tickets and a permanent boarding halter in the OTS.
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Fix SkillInfo_F.lua:185: attempt to index global ‘SKILL_INFO_LIST’ (a nil value)

The SkillInfo_F.lua:185: attempt to index global ‘SKILL_INFO_LIST’ (a nil value) and buf too new: read version 5.1; expected at most 5.0 are the two recent errors that I encountered after patching my RO client today. This error just appeared after the March 30, 2014 server maintenance of all Philippine Ragnarok Online servers. I still don’t know how to fix it. I’ve tried deleting my GameGuard folder, then repatched, but it didn’t work. I also tried deleting my Ragexe.exe client, but it still didn’t work. Right now I’m downloading a fresh new installer from then will try to do a brand new installation of my pRO client and see if it works. If it didn’t work, then I’ll just wait for a miracle.
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The All New LevelUp! Support System

Just today, without any official announcement from their website or Facebook page, LevelUp! by Playweb Games launched their brand new customer support website. If you send an e-mail to [email protected] and you still don’t have an account at, you will have an account with the new LU support automatically. Say goodbye to the sluggish old LU support @ and say hello to the new LU support website @
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