Things That BlackBerry Z10 Has To Offer

blackberry-z10-on-sale-30-january-0 Have been an avid BlackBerry user? Or maybe you’re one of those who dropped the gadget long time ago when Apple introduced their iPhones and Google with their android phones. The latter clearly won the majority of the smartphone users these days but there are still quite a number of loyalists in the BlackBerry device that after they use some other phones, they are still going back to their first love.
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Legal Liabilities Of Live Streaming PPV Sports Events

With today’s technological advancement, major sports events like Super Bowl, NBA and NFL championship events can already be seen online even if they are bound under PPV copyright. Authorities are doing their best to bring all these illegal live streaming down before the event takes place.

Copyright infringement cases are serious ones and you wouldn’t want to get involve with one of these days because it would really cost you a lot of money.
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Phone Authentication For Identity Safekeeping

The internet has become a vast community that is filled with various kinds of people. It has been a haven of those who are into information dissemination and those who are just fooling people for a living. The latter is very reason why trust is so hard to build when it comes to transactions online. Security companies are constantly trying to keep up with the latest technology to stay one step ahead of the hackers. Many companies are choosing to use two-factor authentication and other security measures to ensure online security.
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The Internet World Now Reaches The Rural Areas

This is the time of our lives wherein internet has become one of our basic needs. Internet made its way to become a necessity. Some even made the internet their source of income and there’s no wonder when the time comes that internet would be reaching the level of food and water.
Internet in Rural Areas
However, people who are living in the far flung areas are having a hard time obtaining an internet connection because most of the internet service providers are just relying on the towering transmitters. These transmitters have a limited length of coverage and are only being placed in developing communities.
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UFC 140: Jon Jones VS. Lyoto Machida Trailer Released

I must admit I’ve been consumed with the controversial Pacquiao-Marquez III fight in the past few weeks that I haven’t checked what has been happening in UFC lately. I even missed the debut UFC fight on the FOX Network that happens to be the World Heavyweight Championship bout between Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos. Unfortunately the fight happened at the same time with the Pacquiao-Marquez III fight. I could have seen how Dos Santos took the title from Velasquez in a span of 64 seconds. Then came UFC 139 which I forgot to watch because I overslept.
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Philippines Welcomes Its Own 7 Billionth Baby

October 30th at exactly 11:58pm, a 5.5pound baby girl came into this world and just became Philippines’ 7th Billionth baby. She is the representative of the country as the world welcomes its 7 billionth citizen. Because demographers are can’t pinpoint the exact date when will the world’s population reach the 7 billion mark, the U.N. used Monday to symbolically mark the day. Named as Danica May Camacho, the second baby of an average Filipino parents who has been struggling to live. Her father is a driver with a tiny salary to support his family. Although baby Danica was born 2 minutes before Monday, the doctors said that that was close enough to count for a Monday birthday.
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