All In One Access Now Made Possible

For people who used to have several accounts online, it would be more convenient to be part of a system wherein they could place all of it in one place. It would be nice to memorize only one username and password would only open one browser window.

Web developers are keeping themselves busy to come up with this amazing system and finally they were able to come up with one. You can simply check to have a glimpse of what is this all about.

Based on the name of the site itself, it is being likened to your life. It is a place wherein everything that you need can be found. They perfected the system of placing all your social networking sites along with your numerous emails and contact information. You can also have access to whoever is in your circle.

However, the main concern in this particular site is the privacy of the users. There has been fear of identity thieves to penetrate the site and utilize the information for money-making scams.

Although the site can offer convenience, it would always boil down to cautious transactions. Do not reveal something that you think could bring harm to yourself and to your family in the future.


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