Things That BlackBerry Z10 Has To Offer

blackberry-z10-on-sale-30-january-0 Have been an avid BlackBerry user? Or maybe you’re one of those who dropped the gadget long time ago when Apple introduced their iPhones and Google with their android phones. The latter clearly won the majority of the smartphone users these days but there are still quite a number of loyalists in the BlackBerry device that after they use some other phones, they are still going back to their first love.

Research In Motion, the makers of BlackBerry phones just recently changed the company’s name into plain BlackBerry is looking forward to keep their loyalists at the same win back those who already switch to other brands. The launch of the BlackBerry 10 operation has been year delayed but this gave them ample time to make the gadget even more exciting.

They are calling it Z10 and it is equipped with the rumored OS 10. The device is slightly heavier than iPhone 5 but got higher screen quality at 356 pixels per inch, compared with 326 for the iPhone 5 and 306 for Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

It’s main feature is called the “hub”, a place wherein the user can access all his messages including emails and social networking notifications. Once the message is tapped, a series of buttons will slide out on the right side containing all the things that you want to do with it.

BlackBerry also promised at least 100,000 apps this time and this would include important apps such as Skype.

Another great thing that users are looking forward to is to how browsing the internet would be. There might be times wherein you’re in to looking for properties like Philippines real estate for sale or that new car that everyone has been talking about.


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