Yandex Offers Real Time Search Through Twitter

Social networking site Twitter has continued to soar high these days as their users continue to grow in numbers. The founders of the site has been incorporating something new in their interface from time to time to satisfy the needs of the clients.

It has somehow become a necessary tool to obtain real time information. That’s why the Russian search engine Yandex will now be showing new tweets in its search results almost instantly. The social networking site has given the latter the access to its so-called firehose of all public tweets.

“We wanted to make sure that Twitter content can be where Twitter users are already going,” Twitter’s director of business development, April Underwood, told Reuters by phone. “Discovery through search is so important.”

No wonder in the coming days, Twitter would also be appearing in some search engines as this is the only place where the latest among latest news can be found.

However, search engine giant Google would most likely not join the crowd as they have their own Google+ for that matter.

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Having this collaboration is indeed very helpful.


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