Magento 1.9.1 Fatal error: Call to a member function isLockExists()

If you encountered the Fatal error: Call to a member function isLockExists() after trying re-index your Magento site, then don’t panic. It’s just a minor glitch after upgrading from to 1.9.1. Just clear your cache then try re-indexing again. It will work afterwards. If your latest Magento site still doesn’t work, try logging out the logging in back again and all the errors will be gone in no time.

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Magento 1.9.1 Demo: Now with Built-in Configurable Swatches

Magento 1.9.1 comes with Configurable Swatches. This is the latest and most awaited updated in Magento. I’ve been waiting for this all year long and now it’s released. The mobile responsive theme was also improved with better UI and everything seems to be better (can’t wait for 2.0).
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OSX Yosemite WiFi doesn’t connect automatically

If you encountered this problem wherein after upgrading from Mavericks (or any other OSX prior to Yosemite) to Yosemite, you can’t connect to your home WiFi automatically. Every time you turn on your laptop or wake it up from sleep, then you need to reconnect to your router again. The issue is that Yosemite doesn’t allow access to your router by default. After upgrading, it somewhat changed the preferences inside your Keychain Access. In order to make your Mac connect to the wifi automatically again, just follow these few easy steps.

First, go to your Keychain Access. If you don’t know where it is, just press CMD + Space Bar, then search for Keychain Access, just like this:
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The 5% Fiverr Processing Fee (as of November 2014)

As you may have noticed, if you’re using Fiverr for quite sometime now, they recently imposed a 5% processing fee for all transactions. I just noticed this now after ordering a gig worth $40.00 I got charged by a $2.00 processing fee.
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Developing Innovative Video Game Systems

Getting a market share in the technology sector is difficult in a global economy. The video game industry creates plenty of challenges for small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to introduce new features into desktop and portable gaming consoles. Several major hardware manufacturers dominate the production of video game systems worldwide. It’s much easier to penetrate the game publishing industry instead because of the array of genres that could be explored for releasing brand new titles. Nevertheless, some ambitious investors have persisted through all of the obstacles of video game hardware production and managed to introduce innovative products.
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