Developing Innovative Video Game Systems

Getting a market share in the technology sector is difficult in a global economy. The video game industry creates plenty of challenges for small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to introduce new features into desktop and portable gaming consoles. Several major hardware manufacturers dominate the production of video game systems worldwide. It’s much easier to penetrate the game publishing industry instead because of the array of genres that could be explored for releasing brand new titles. Nevertheless, some ambitious investors have persisted through all of the obstacles of video game hardware production and managed to introduce innovative products.
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PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid Balance Inquiry #101328

I’ve been googling and googling about this for hours but I can’t find it anywhere. Nobody blogged about it. Somebody actually blogged but the instructions you can read is to call the hot line 101328 which is only available from 8AM to 6PM. Now I’ll just blog about it so that if someone is searching about how to check your PLDT landline plus balance, then you no longer need to call the customer support to know about it.
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If you’ve noticed, just today, was removed from YouTube. Thousands of really helpful pronunciation videos were removed simultaneously after was suspended in The official account was suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations.
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BringGo App Philippines: To be released on 2015

If you have a Chevy with MyLink that has no OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation (the cheaper version of MyLink also known as the MyLink of 2012 Chevrolet cars), then you’re probably waiting for the release of the BringGo app for the Philippines. The BringGo App for iOS and Android can seamlessly connect to your MyLink and turn your ordinary MyLink to a GPS device.
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Need a Lab? Some Innovative Ideas For Creating Invention Space

It’s true that the garage has been the invention headquarters for many wonderful inventions. From bands to companies like Disney and Microsoft, working in small extra spaces has been a great way to start the next great business while working full time. However, as more space is required and less is available in today’s society, a basement or garage may not be the way to get invention space. Items like 3D printers require more space than ever to work sufficiently and often don’t fit into spaces in a normal home. Here are a few different ways to get the room that you need without taking the space of your roommates or family.
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