I’m addicted to SEI NFTs

Too many things and too many projects launched in SEI for the past few weeks. This new chain is revolutionizing the way we buy NFTs. It’s now faster and cheaper and smoother and easier. Last week, I bought a bunch of SEI NFTs, specifically the project called Seiyans and Seitoshis.

My favorite of them all are Seitoshis. Because they are so irresistible and you can actually use them as a favicon or a logo or a PFP, not matter how small it is. It’s brilliantly thought of by the creator and I just revived this blog again to write about it. As you may have noticed, I haven’t wrote a single blog post for many months already.

This time I’ll try to be more active again and write about my favorite collections on the Sei Blockchain.

Check out my favorite collection’s linkree here: https://linktr.ee/seitoshis

Also, checkout Seiyans NFT https://linktr.ee/seiyans. They built their own marketplace which is now in public beta at https://beta.mrkt.exchange/ (The screenshots above and below are both from MRKT Exchange by Seiyans).

Will be writing more about these topics in the next few days.


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