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Worst Customer Service in the World Goes to Food Panda!

Earlier today, I ordered 4 brewed Iced Tea (the good old Libertea) from Army Navy. After waiting for an hour, my order finally arrived. To my surprise, it’s not what I ordered. They sent me 4 Milktea with Pearls instead of the Libertea Iced Tea that I ordered.

I then reported it to Food Panda customer support. I showed them the picture via chat and they told me that it says Libertea in the bottle, so I received the correct item. I insisted that it’s not correct and Army Navy is using the SAME bottle for both Libertea Brewed Iced Tea and Libertea Milktea with Pearls. They told me that someone will call me to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

An Indian Customer Agent with a weird accent I can’t clearly comprehend called using the number +1 287-066-3630. Asked some questions to verify my account details, then informed me that they know that I received an “INCORRECT” item, and they can neither refund me nor pick-up and redeliver the correct item, which is the Libertea Brewed Tea. I told the agent once again that this is not what I ordered, and the agent told me that there’s nothing they can do to correct the situation, they cannot re-deliver or exchange the item with the correct one.

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Generate SSS PRN (Payment Reference Number) this May 2020

For voluntary members, self employed, OFWs, and others that are not employed, you cannot generate your PRN anymore in the SSS website. According to (I mean,, because without www, their website won’t work, which is AWESOME!), the My.SSS system shall now only be open for employers who have been emailed by the SSS to correct invalid bank account and mobile numbers of their employees whose payouts for the Small Business Wage Subsidy (SBWS) were unsuccessful. So if you’re not an employer, you won’t be able to access your SSS account online anymore.

Their mobile apps are also down, so you cannot check your contributions, file for a loan, and do anything that you usually do in their amazing high-end website that works in IE. And also, the website is not accessible anymore.

SSS is really innovating their online presence by eliminating what’s useful. Now there’s no way to pay our SSS contributions anymore.

And…. there’s NO official announcement form SSS that this will happen.

Anyway, if you’re an employer, you can still login here:


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Smartphone with no front cam, finally!

Vivo Apex 2019
A phone with no front cam is finally announced! It’s the VIVO Apex 2019! Ive been wishing for a phone like this since last year, and finally we have one. It’s still a concept phone, but a working concept phone. It’s not yet for sale, but will soon be. Let’s just wait for a few more weeks.

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PayPal to GCASH Philippine Peso cash-in disabled

If you wonder why the PHP currency in your PayPal account is not appearing anymore if you attempt to cash-in using the GCASH app via PayPal, then you’re not alone. I wondered too and found out that they disabled the PHP option. So if you have Philippine Pesos in your PayPal account, you cannot withdraw it instantly as of May 2018. You need to convert it to USD or any other foreign currency, except PHP! Yep, such. a. hassle. Globe is. Creating. Wonderful. Wonderful indeed.

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6 Tips On How To Manage Your Money And Pay Off All Your Debts

Life’s demands can at times have us in a tight-spot financially forcing up to incur debts such to meet our needs and wants. Having debt is understandable but should not be a life-long norm. It is possible to have a proper grip on your finances and manage them in a way that unshackles you from the chains of debts. Below are six tips that can help in that regard.

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Tips To Purchase Stocks

Investors: Finding the right stocks to purchase can be a fun, exciting and rewarding experience. It can be very lucrative as long as you choose a stock that increases in price. Here are five great tips to help you choose the right stocks so that you’ll have a great chance to make money from the stocks you choose to buy.

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Bitcoin Vs. Gold

Maybe the clearest difference between Bitcoin and Gold is this: Bitcoin is digital, whereas Gold is a tangle physical asset. However, the distinctions between these two assets are much deeper. These days, Bitcoin is accepted as a form of payment by APMEX.

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Kimstore: they neither confirm nor deny

So what really happened with Kimstore? Are you curious? Because I am. Yuga already posted a comprehensive story behind what really happened with Kimstore, bombarded with mixed comments from Kimstore supporters and haters. Kimstore just ignored what happened last month. They neither confirmed nor denied the incident. If you neither confirm nor deny a certain incident, there’s a high probability (and in most cases, it’s a proof) that you’re guilty.

Anyway they are now back in business. Let’s shop at Kimstore and enjoy our savings rack up!