WordPress 6.4 first impressions!

WordPress 6.4 was released today and here are my first impressions. It’s cool and it’s fast and I love the modern Twenty Twenty four theme! Other features include the following.

User Experience Improvements: WordPress tends to focus on refining the user experience with each update. My first impressions might include appreciation for a more streamlined interface, smoother navigation within the dashboard, and enhancements to the site-building experience provided by the block editor (Gutenberg).

Block Editor Enhancements: With every release, the Gutenberg block editor usually receives new features or improvements. I might notice new blocks, block patterns, or improved handling of media elements within the editor that further simplify the content creation process.

Performance Enhancements: WordPress developers continuously work to optimize the script loading and database queries for a faster experience. Thus, my first impressions could include faster page load times and more efficient backend performance.

Full-Site Editing Features: Since the incorporation of full-site editing (FSE) functionality, users expect robust enhancements in this area. Any improvements to the site editor, template creation, and global styles would stand out as significant to me.

Accessibility: Given WordPress’s commitment to making the web accessible to everyone, I might be impressed by newly introduced features or improvements that make the CMS more accessible for users with disabilities.

Default Theme – Twenty Twenty-Four: Typically included with a new major WordPress release is a default theme that showcases the latest features. I would be eager to see the aesthetics and functionality of the Twenty Twenty-Four theme, expecting a design that is both modern and optimized for a wide range of use cases.

Developer Tools and Hooks: As a developer, I might look for new APIs, hooks, or enhanced coding tools that allow for more extensive customizations and integrations, enabling developers to build more robust themes and plugins.

Can’t wait to explore the rest of the new features in 6.4.


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