I’m super bullish on LUNA, FTM and SAITO

Lately, I’ve been heavily involved in the cryptocurrency space and I invested 100% of my saving into crypto, specially LUNA and FTM. If you filter it on Coicodex and see what coins has the highest gains since last year these two bad boys are the 4th and 5th with highest ROI.

I missed out on exponential gains with those meme and game coins, but I didn’t regret. Already made 17 million and 16 million percent on my two heavy bags. I bought them because of fundamentals and not just hype.

I won’t be describing Terra LUNA and Fantom in this blog post as there are many resources you can find online about those two. Just DYOR, ok?

Next investment that I’m looking into is SAITO. It’s something new and there are only a few resources online that you can find about it.

It’s best to follow them on Twitter for the latest updates about this all-new L1 blockchain that hasn’t fully launched yet. It’s meant to solve something that you didn’t think it’s a decentralization problem, but it is. Once again, better to DYOR and be early on this one.

I predict by Q2 of 2022, the SAITO token will be above $1. This is not a financial advise, but I’m just sharing my alpha. LOL.

Enjoy your crypto journey as I’m enjoying mine. See you on the moon anon!


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