iRO Thor DC issues still not fixed for 2 months now

If you’re like me, a pRO player who migrated to iRO Thor, then you must be waiting for the DC issues to be fixed soon. Right now we’re encountering various sprite errors, DC on login, and DC on character select issues. WarpPortal said that they are still waiting for the magical kRO tool to fix all issues, but until now, June 2015, 90% of the migrated accounts still can’t login.

Anyway, I was able to fix some of my character with sprite errors and I wanna share it with you guys of how I did it. First you need to download openkore from then run it. Yes, I know, it’s illegal in iRO, but it’s the only way to fix sprite error issues. Once you’re logged in in your account, just use the uneq command and remove all gears that your character is wearing. Enter “i” first to view all the gears that you’re currently wearing, then uneq item #. You can check the item numbers once you viewed your character.

Screenshot of the inventory and equips after entering i:
Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 6.29.57 AM

You need to unequip all gears that you are wearing so that the sprite issue will not show up once you’re logged in on the official iRO client.

That’s just how I fixed some of my accounts. I hope you will be able to fix yours as well if you encountered the same problem as I did.

iRO Thor is now live, but is down for 2 days and counting…

It has been almost 2 days since the first weekly maintenance of iRO Thor server (where all pRO servers were migrated). seems to have a serious issue with their server hardware. According to their update last April 29 at 8:41 AM, they have lost connectivity to the outside world due to a network issue. It’s being investigated by their Internet Service Provider and IT Team. Unfortunately, it is affecting all game titles and web sites. But they are working to restore connectivity and in the case of Ragnarok and Requiem, they will begin their maintenance tasks asap.
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Openkore Bot Modifications to work Login Pin Code (2nd Password) in Philippine Ragnarok New Chaos Server

Here’s a short and fast tip on Openkore Bot Modifications to work Login Pin Code (2nd Password) in Philippine Ragnarok Online New Chaos Server. After the recent update last Wednesday, LevelUp / Playweb Games, Inc. implemented the second password system which annoyed a lot of botters and players around the Philippines and around the world. But thanks to the legendary Fr3DBr for the Sync_Ex algorithm to fix everything and make the login pin code work without errors.
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Odin Travel Shop [Philippine Ragnarok Online]

Philippine Ragnarok Online’s Odin Travel Shop is open today until July 11, 2014. Now is your chance to grab limited edition headgears and items that you can avail if you’re present in one of the on-ground events of LevelUp!.


Here are the current headgears that are available in the OTS with their corresponding prices in ROKs. Also available are the much used Blessed Oridecons and Blessed Eluniums. You can also buy instant name change tickets and a permanent boarding halter in the OTS.
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Fix SkillInfo_F.lua:185: attempt to index global ‘SKILL_INFO_LIST’ (a nil value)

The SkillInfo_F.lua:185: attempt to index global ‘SKILL_INFO_LIST’ (a nil value) and buf too new: read version 5.1; expected at most 5.0 are the two recent errors that I encountered after patching my RO client today. This error just appeared after the March 30, 2014 server maintenance of all Philippine Ragnarok Online servers. I still don’t know how to fix it. I’ve tried deleting my GameGuard folder, then repatched, but it didn’t work. I also tried deleting my Ragexe.exe client, but it still didn’t work. Right now I’m downloading a fresh new installer from then will try to do a brand new installation of my pRO client and see if it works. If it didn’t work, then I’ll just wait for a miracle.
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Macro Bot Item Buyer Using Vazilios Vouchers as Payment

With the increasing number of Vazilios Vouchers—a zenny equivalent if deposited to the banker—in our server [New Chaos], comes with the depreciation of its value. A billion zenny is now worthless, compared to its value years ago. You cannot buy decent items using zennies below 1B, so buyers and sellers now are trading using multiple Vazilios Vouchers to buy and sell stuff. Thus, a need for a bot buyer using Vazilios Vouchers arised.
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pRO Ragnarok Hex for Kagerou and Oboro Patch

After using my old hexed client for a very very long time, finally, it didn’t work for the latest pRO Update, the Kagerou and Oboro Patch (pRO January 17, 2014 Update). The latest Ragexe.exe is more tricky to unpack because the pRO dev team uses a new packing method called mpress. Good thing heero, the hexing mastermind cracked the way out of it and provided us with the unpacked .exe files for us to hex.

If you want to download the latest unpacked clients, head on here. If you don’t know how to hex a client, then download this one.

Enjoy pRO gamers and botters out there!