Macro Bot Item Buyer Using Vazilios Vouchers as Payment

With the increasing number of Vazilios Vouchers—a zenny equivalent if deposited to the banker—in our server [New Chaos], comes with the depreciation of its value. A billion zenny is now worthless, compared to its value years ago. You cannot buy decent items using zennies below 1B, so buyers and sellers now are trading using multiple Vazilios Vouchers to buy and sell stuff. Thus, a need for a bot buyer using Vazilios Vouchers arised.

With the help of the macro plugin, I was able to write a short and easy to understand macro that you can use to buy stuff that you need, not in zennies, but in Vazilios Vouchers. This macro will automatically add in the trade window, the number of Vazilios Vouchers needed to pay for the item that was added in the deal window buy another player. This will automatically calculate how much Vazilios Vouchers is the value of the item added.

This will only work by adding one type of item per deal. I think a longer and more complicated macro should be written to let it work for multiple items.

Anyway, you can start your own macro based on the macro I wrote. Make sure you have a macro plugin in your openkore folder before copy pasting my macro.

As for your guide, the default items that I’m buying are the Seagods Fury and RWC Ticket of Initialization. The “$seagodsprice = 300” is the number of Vazilios Vouchers that will be added to the window based on the amount of item that you need. You can add more values, items, and numbers if you want to. By the way, if you want to customize the name of the items in your bot window, you need to edit the items in the items.txt inside your tables/pRO folder.

That’s it. Enjoy the macro below!

automacro vazivouchspender {
console /(.*) \(level (.*)\) Requests a Deal/i
call {
pause 2
do deal
pause 15
do deal no

automacro check {
console /(.*) added Item to Deal: (.*) x (\d+)/
call check1

macro check1 {
$item = $.lastMatch2
$pcs = $.lastMatch3
$seagods = "Seagods Anger"
$rwctix = "RWC Ticket"
$seagodsprice = 300
$rwctixprice = 300

if ($item == $seagods) goto seagods
if ($item == $rwctix) goto rwctix
do deal no


$totalseagods = @eval($pcs*$seagodsprice)
do deal add Vazilios Voucher $totalseagods
pause 0.5
do deal; do deal
$totalrwctix = @eval($pcs*$rwctixprice)
do deal add Vazilios Voucher $totalrwctix
pause 0.5
do deal; do deal

automacro final {
console /You finalized the Deal/i
call {
do deal; do deal

The image above is the screenshot of the bot buyer using Vazilios Vouchers that I wrote inside the super awesome Sublime code editor. Thanks to the Sublime team for creative a wicked coding software.

One reply on “Macro Bot Item Buyer Using Vazilios Vouchers as Payment”

It’s still call check1 with just pm or chat. So I didn’t need to add Seagod to get your voucher.

I just need pm “(Nick) added Item to Deal: Seagods Anger x 1”

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