BPI international debit cards no longer let’s you withdraw cash without…

Without activating it first in the Philippines or without calling them in their international toll-free number or hotline. I didn’t know when this restriction started, but a few years ago you can instantly withdraw funds in your savings account without calling BPI to activate your card for international withdrawal when you’re in a foreign country (outside the Philippines). That’s why there’s this “international” text in the your BPI debit card right below the BPI Express Teller logo and a Cirrus logo to show that you can withdraw in any international ATM with Cirrus logo.

But now, they made it more INCONVENIENT. Before leaving the Philippines you should call their hotline or visit your branch to activate your card for international withdrawal. Yay! Thank you BPI for the inconvenience!

BPI Dormancy Fee Waived Since June 2014

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but the dormancy fee and below minimum fee for BPI accounts was waived since June of 2014. Before that month last year, my accounts that are dormant for many months and are below the minimum daily balance was charged with a dormancy fee. $5.00 USD for dollar accounts and PHP200 for Peso accounts. But after that month, I’ve noticed that my dormant accounts with below minimum balance are not charged with fees anymore.
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Investments now accessible via BPI Mobile App version 4.0.49

If you’re particular with the version of the BPI Mobile App for Blackberry and other devices, you’ll notice that it’s the same version compared to the Mobile App with no Investment option. This new feature in your mobile application was just added in background. You don’t need to download a new app to get this menu option.
They just added this feature yesterday. Under the Main Menu, you can now view your investments. The investment option was added under Financial Transactions, as what you can see in the screenshot above.
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BPI Express Online Error: 3rd party accounts gone in transfer funds

If you encountered this certiain bug, glitch, error or whatever they call it, fear not! I have a solution for you. If you have over 14 3rd party accounts enrolled in your bpiexpressonline.com account, then you have most likely encountered this problem a long time ago and you already know the work around to fix it. But, if you encountered this for the first time and you wonder why your enrolled 3rd party accounts doesn’t show in the drop down menu after selecting your source account, then this post is for you.
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907 invalid JAR error for BPI Mobile App Version 4.0.49

Hello BPI Mobile App users! The newest and latest BPI Mobile Banking app for all smartphone devices is now available for download. This replaces the BPI Mobile version 4.0.42. I tried to download this app today, but I’m experiencing some sort of error. The error is 907 invalid JAR unable to read short. So, I tried to Google the error, but as expected, nobody blogs or posted about the error because nobody seems to be using the BPI Mobile application for Blackberry. Continue reading “907 invalid JAR error for BPI Mobile App Version 4.0.49”

McDelivery in BPI’s Mobile Mall is fast and convenient!

Have you tried ordering online at McDelivery.com.ph and feel its convenience because you’ll just drag and drop the food that you want to order, fill up the form, and press submit? Then in less than a minute, a CSR will call you to confirm your order, subsequently after a few minutes, the food you ordered at McDonald’s is delivered right to your door step?
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BPI Mobile App doesn’t work in BB OS Version 5.0, 6.0, and above

Yes guys, BPI is undeniably the richest bank in the Philippines, but they can’t hire skilled mobile application developers to fix and update their mobile apps. If you’re using BPI mobile app in your Blackberry 4.6, Windows Mobile 6.1, or other old Symbian OS versions, don’t upgrade to a newer version because your BPI Mobile app will not work.
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