Why Ayala Malls Cinemas Suck after September 13, 2011?

Ayala Malls Cinemas has a new rule for BPI Credit Card holders. All BPI Platinum Skymiles, Classic Skymiles, Gold, Blue, Petron, and Edge card holders can no longer use their BPI credit cards to pay for tickets on Ayala Malls Cinemas starting September 14, 2011, that’s why they suck after the 13th day of September.

Yes guys! You can only use your red BPI credit cards! If you don’t have a red credit card, you can’t pay for your tickets! Anyway, you can still use your BPI ATM cards to pay via EPS. How inconvenient! Now I have to request a red credit card because I don’t have one. The red BPI credit card is the local BPI credit card without a Mastercard logo. This means, this card cannot be used internationally. Most of the BPI CC holders doesn’t prefer the red credit card, and when they apply for a card, their least preferred card is the Blue one, because it’s the lowest-valued card with a Mastercard logo. So why did the Ayala Malls Cinemas management downgraded their payment system to accept only the jologs classic BPI credit card? The short, concise, and straight to the point answer is to annoy the BPI credit card holders!

I was already pissed off before because they removed the Paypal payment option in Sureseats.com. Now, they removed the privilege of the majority of BPI credit card holders to buy tickets using their non-red BPI credit cards.

I think that’s all to rant for today! I have more rants on the new and improved BPI credit card system, but I’ll just write a new post about it, because it’s a different story.

Ayala Malls Cinemas Suck! Good day everyone!


4 responses to “Why Ayala Malls Cinemas Suck after September 13, 2011?”

  1. that’s really inconvenient… probably they need to balance the number of red credit card holders so they are implementing this. more of a fiscal decision that gets unpopular with the customers, though.

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      Yeah.. it’s too much hassle for us Platinum card holders.

  2. Just a follow up, well… more of an addition than a follow up. Sureseats.com sucks! Whenever a new movie comes out, their server cannot handle the number of visitors trying to login/reserve/buy tickets. A 5 min task can get up to an hour or 2 just to be able to access your privileges. They could have done something better to the site rather than taking the time to change payment issues. If I was the one in-charge regarding payment issues, I would accept all types of payment. If I was in-charge of maintaining this site, I would, I would make this site simple, money-making and fast! Ka-chao! 😀

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      You’re definitely right. I’ve experienced what you’ve gone through a year ago while booking tickets for Breaking Dawn.

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