What is the Singapore Lokpal Bill?

I just read about the Singapore Lokpal Bill in some of the Gtalk, AIM, and YM statuses of my online friends. I don’t know what the heck is this bill and I don’t have a single clue about it. As what I have read, this bill eliminated corruption in Singapore. 142 corrupt ministers were arrested in a single day after this bill was passed in the year 1982. This bill improved Singapore’s economy and boosted its employment rate.
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907 invalid JAR error for BPI Mobile App Version 4.0.49

Hello BPI Mobile App users! The newest and latest BPI Mobile Banking app for all smartphone devices is now available for download. This replaces the BPI Mobile version 4.0.42. I tried to download this app today, but I’m experiencing some sort of error. The error is 907 invalid JAR unable to read short. So, I tried to Google the error, but as expected, nobody blogs or posted about the error because nobody seems to be using the BPI Mobile application for Blackberry. Continue reading “907 invalid JAR error for BPI Mobile App Version 4.0.49”

So who won the Glee Project?

The Glee Project Season Finale is over!!! So who won the Glee Project? If you haven’t seen episode 10 of the Glee Project yet, please stop reading this post! But if you’ve seen it, all of them actually won the Glee Project! Yes guys! The 4 of them won the Glee Project! Samuel and Damien tied for the first place, then Alex and Lindsay for the 2nd place. The 2nd placers won a 2-episode arc on Glee, while the 1st placers won a 7-episode arc on Glee!
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The Planet is now gone and I’m too late to know it…

Yes, the number one web hosting company in the world is now gone and I’m toooooo damn late to know it. They merged with Softlayer last year! Yes guys! Last year and I just found out about it now! I just noticed it today because I typed theplanet.com in my address bar and I was being redirected to softlayer.com. It was announced last November 8, 2010 and I haven’t heard of the news about it! Silly me. At first, I thought stupidly that they were hacked by Softlayer, because these two large web hosting companies are the top 2 hosting companies in the world and they are on a tight competition.
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The Glee Project Winner is… Samuel!

Yes! It’s all over! Samuel won! But to be honest, I’m really not sure. I just predict that Samuel Larsen will win the Glee Project. After watching episode 9 of the Glee Project, I’m so happy that nobody was eliminated. Now… Alex, Lindsay, Damian, and Samuel will have a chance to perform in the finals!

I bet my life and I bet Samuel will win! I can’t wait to watch the last episode of the Glee Project entitled “Glee-ality”. This is gonna be the most exciting and most thrilling episode because it’s the last one! I know that the taping is over and the winner is already proclaimed, but it wasn’t aired yet. Nobody really knows who the winner is. I just read somewhere that Damian won. I also read in another somewhere that Samuel won. Others also said that Alex won! I never heard that Lindsay won, but who knows, maybe Lindsay will win.
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