What is the Singapore Lokpal Bill?

I just read about the Singapore Lokpal Bill in some of the Gtalk, AIM, and YM statuses of my online friends. I don’t know what the heck is this bill and I don’t have a single clue about it. As what I have read, this bill eliminated corruption in Singapore. 142 corrupt ministers were arrested in a single day after this bill was passed in the year 1982. This bill improved Singapore’s economy and boosted its employment rate.

Due to curiosity, I searched about the Singapore Lokpal Bill and found a lot of websites, blogs, and forums, saying that this bill is just a viral hoax or fake news that started in Facebook.

There’s no such thing as Singapore Lokpal Bill. The only Lokpal Bill I know is the Jan Lokpal Bill in India. Jan Lokpal Bill is also known as the citizens’ ombudsman bill. It is a proposed independent anti-corruption law in India, and not in Singapore. I think the hoax starter just used the word “Lokpal” based on the Indian bill called “Jan Lokpal”, and that’s it.

It’s an interesting trivia (if it’s true) that is worthy to be shared to everyone, that’s why this fake news spread like wildfire and that’s why it triggered the curiosity of many netizens to search about it and blog about it.

Even if there’s no such thing as the Lokpal Bill, there’s a real law in Singapore that fights corruption and it’s the “Prevention of Corruption Act”. The Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau is the government agency that implemented this act. This bureau prosecutes and investigates corruption in the private and public sectors in Singapore. It was established in 1952. Refer to this page for more information about this law.

I hope this post enlightened you about the so-called Lokpal Bill. Thanks for reading my short post about the Singapore Lokpal Bill.


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