Goodbye Google Dictionary

A few months ago, Google removed the most loved and useful “define” function. Now, they also removed the Google Dictionary. There’s no official word from Google why they removed such useful features. I really can’t understand why Google removed those features.

The only thing reasonable that was removed from Google is the Google Directory. The data in Google Directory is just from DMOZ, so it’s pretty useless after all. They believe that “web search” is the fastest way to find the information you need in the web and what they are saying is true, so it’s pretty reasonable why they removed the directory.

I just hate the fact that the one thing that is very useful was being removed. I know that they don’t earn from the define function. But they are sooo rich now and even if they don’t monetize that feature, their money will not drain to emptiness.

The define function is the fastest way to search for the definition of words and it’s neatly presented in the definition page from various sources.

I missed the define function and the Google dictionary. Soon, maybe they will also remove other useful features, such as the forex calculator, the normal calculator, book search, etc.

Anyway, while checking the Search Features of Google, I found out that you can still define words, just remove the colon. It’s great and much improved. I just need myself to get used to it and let go of the past.


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