The Glee Project Winner is… Samuel!

Yes! It’s all over! Samuel won! But to be honest, I’m really not sure. I just predict that Samuel Larsen will win the Glee Project. After watching episode 9 of the Glee Project, I’m so happy that nobody was eliminated. Now… Alex, Lindsay, Damian, and Samuel will have a chance to perform in the finals!

I bet my life and I bet Samuel will win! I can’t wait to watch the last episode of the Glee Project entitled “Glee-ality”. This is gonna be the most exciting and most thrilling episode because it’s the last one! I know that the taping is over and the winner is already proclaimed, but it wasn’t aired yet. Nobody really knows who the winner is. I just read somewhere that Damian won. I also read in another somewhere that Samuel won. Others also said that Alex won! I never heard that Lindsay won, but who knows, maybe Lindsay will win.

Let’s just all watch the Glee Project season 1 episode 10 this (S01E10) this coming Sunday, August 21, 2011! That’s just 3 days from now! I can’t wait and I can’t sleep while waiting!

Go Samuel! Make my prediction come true!!!


4 responses to “The Glee Project Winner is… Samuel!”

  1. Katrina Avatar

    OMG I love Cameron SOOOOO much…But after he left and gave his spot to Damien.. I just wish Damien won..But if he didn’t I hope Sam wins..
    <3 <3

  2. […] There are soooo many rumors that Damien is the winner, but I still doubt it. I’m vying that Samuel will win! Tonight is the 10th and last week of the Glee Project! The Season Finale that all of us have been […]

  3. Tiffany Workman Avatar
    Tiffany Workman

    Alex has proven his self time and time again,talk about drive,determination,dedication,and talent,he comes from everything that represents the Glee project for teenage kids!he’s gay,raised in churh,lost his father at a young age,and defently know’s how to bring it to the table!what is the world thinking?why is his votes so low!It’s not about cute and sexy America,It’s about talent!

  4. khi thay con lai cameron, toi muon cau ay chien thang, nhung cau ay da bo cuoc chinh vi vay nen toi lai muon damian chien thag vi that su toi thay ryan noi rat dung, anh ay da co gang rat nhieu, va toi cung thich sam

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