A brand new Singlehop is coming soon!

Singlehop.com is currently upgrading their website. Right now, everything seems to be inaccessible, including their support page, LEAP3.singlehop.com. In their maintenance page, they said that you can still file a ticket and login directly to https://leap3.singlehop.com, but it’s not working. If you’re in a hurry you can actually e-mail the [email protected] It’s the only way to reach them right now, as support e-mail is not available in Singlehop. You can only reach support through LEAP, which is not available as of the moment.
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Wow! SoftLayer is now an IBM Company!

I was surprised after visiting the homepage of SoftLayer.com, that they are now an IBM Company. I’m pretty late about this news, but it’s better late than never eh? I just want to share it with you guys, even though I’m a month late in sharing this awesome news.


I’ve been following the milestones of SoftLayer since my favorite hosting company ThePlanet.com was redirected to SoftLayer. I didn’t know at first that they were merged, I just found out after searching about it, why it was gone and was redirected to SoftLayer.com.
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Sink or Swim: Boasting the Best Hosting for your Business

If you own your own business then you know that your online presence (and the ease of your hosting) is vital to your success. When the system crashes, it gives off the semblance of a frantic attempt to avoid sinking beneath the waters to drown. The quality of your hosting provider will determine the waters in which you and your business flow. It all comes down to the “sink or swim” mentality: rely on a poor system and you will surely drown. But reaching out for a new hosting provider of exceptional quality is like accepting a life preserver: they will help you recover, and set you on course for a smooth and steady swim of progression. Whether you decide upon the speed and freedom of 1gbps unmetered(which is 100 times faster than what a typical user has) or a package that runs 160 gigabytes, there are many options to choose from. This article will address ways in which you can find the best hosting solution, and will arm you with some basic information vital to ensure that steady swim.
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The Spanking new WHM Login UI

Yep, I just noticed this today after logging in to my WHM . It’s spanking new! It’s clean, it’s neat it’s awesome, it’s brand new. Check out my screenshot below.

You can also check out your cpanels to see the recent user interface changes.

I was surprised that WHM finally updated their login UI after so many years. I then check cpanel.net about this update, and I found out that it’s WHM 11.32. Now with DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) support, localized login screens, and so much more!
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Almost scammed by Webhostingpad.com

As I was searching for a cheap shared hosting service, I was lured into clicking a certain ad from a certain well-known website and it took me to Webhostingpad.com. The ad says free webhosting and domain, but after clicking it, I found out that it’s not really free. It’s just cheap, because it’s starts at $1.99/month.

Imagine a web host with unlimited hosting space, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited addon domains, unlimited e-mail accounts, $200 FREE Marketing credits, 99.9% up-time guarantee, and a 30-day money back guarantee! For $1.99/month, that’s a real steal!
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List of web hosting companies with their own datacenter

Due to curiosity, I’ve been searching about the list of commercial web hosting providers with their own datacenter. We all know that Internet giants Yahoo and Facebook has their of DCs. There are thousands of web hosting companies out there, but there are only a few web hosting providers who has their own datacenter. Most web hosting companies are just resellers and others are just collocated to web hosting companies that has their own DCs. I can’t find a reliable and comprehensive list online, not even in Wikipedia, so I decided to create my own list in my blog, to satisfy my own curiosity.
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The Planet is now gone and I’m too late to know it…

Yes, the number one web hosting company in the world is now gone and I’m toooooo damn late to know it. They merged with Softlayer last year! Yes guys! Last year and I just found out about it now! I just noticed it today because I typed theplanet.com in my address bar and I was being redirected to softlayer.com. It was announced last November 8, 2010 and I haven’t heard of the news about it! Silly me. At first, I thought stupidly that they were hacked by Softlayer, because these two large web hosting companies are the top 2 hosting companies in the world and they are on a tight competition.
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