Openkore Bot Modifications to work Login Pin Code (2nd Password) in Philippine Ragnarok New Chaos Server

Here’s a short and fast tip on Openkore Bot Modifications to work Login Pin Code (2nd Password) in Philippine Ragnarok Online New Chaos Server. After the recent update last Wednesday, LevelUp / Playweb Games, Inc. implemented the second password system which annoyed a lot of botters and players around the Philippines and around the world. But thanks to the legendary Fr3DBr for the Sync_Ex algorithm to fix everything and make the login pin code work without errors.


Macro Bot Item Buyer Using Vazilios Vouchers as Payment

With the increasing number of Vazilios Vouchers—a zenny equivalent if deposited to the banker—in our server [New Chaos], comes with the depreciation of its value. A billion zenny is now worthless, compared to its value years ago. You cannot buy decent items using zennies below 1B, so buyers and sellers now are trading using multiple Vazilios Vouchers to buy and sell stuff. Thus, a need for a bot buyer using Vazilios Vouchers arised.


pRO bot problem solved: Packet Tokenizer unknown switch 09A0

If you’re encountering a Packet Tokenizer unknown switch 09A0 in your Philippine Ragnarok Online openkore bot after the server merge of New Loki & Valhalla and the recent patch last January 29, 2013, then this post is the temporary fix to your problem. This packet tokenizer error occurred recently, not just in “New” New Loki, but in all servers of the Philippine Ragnarok Online. That includes New Chaos, New Iris, Sakray and Valkyrie.

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Openkore Episode 26 Bot Fix and Hexed Client for Ragnarok PH (pRO)

I just noticed that my traffic surged after posting my Windows 8 fix for pRO Rebalance Patch. But the visitors seem to be lost because they didn’t find what they are looking for. I didn’t blog anything about Openkore bot fix for Ragnarok Episode 26 or the pRO Rebalance Patch Bot. I just noticed it because a lot of pRO players are looking for it.

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pRO New Chaos New IP:

If you’re an openkore user and an avid pRO player, then you’ve noticed that you can’t connect to the server right after yesterday’s server maintenance. It’s because that the New Chaos server changed its IP from to You need to update your servers.txt inside your tables folder in order for you to connect your openkore bot again to the Philippine Ragnarok Online New Chaos server.

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Ragnarok New Chaos Bot and Config Changes

Now I’m back playing Ragnarok again because my friends are playing again since the so-called “Renewal” patch (Episode 22 of pRO) is now live. Third Jobs which were announced 2 years ago are implemented in the Philippine Ragnarok Online. I have a Sniper, Biochemist, and Gunsligner. I’ve been thinking of changing my job to Generic as I’ve been a Creator/Biochemist all these years.