pRO bot problem solved: Packet Tokenizer unknown switch 09A0

If you’re encountering a Packet Tokenizer unknown switch 09A0 in your Philippine Ragnarok Online openkore bot after the server merge of New Loki & Valhalla and the recent patch last January 29, 2013, then this post is the temporary fix to your problem. This packet tokenizer error occurred recently, not just in “New” New Loki, but in all servers of the Philippine Ragnarok Online. That includes New Chaos, New Iris, Sakray and Valkyrie.

Anyway, here’s a temporary fix for your bot. Just download the modified and and replace the tables and src folders of your current bot. If it doesn’t work, download the latest bot from the official openkore website @ and replace it with tables and src folders that I gave above.

Download at your own risk.

PS: This minor fix only works if the character that you are botting is on slot 0. If it’s located on other slot, please wait for the final fix.

UPDATE: There’s a better fix by heero. Check out this post at the Openkore forums.


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  1. Stephen Slack Avatar
    Stephen Slack

    I selected the 3 or 4 day option for a few bucks but you guys have slammed me with a $54+ charge. I have reported you to Capital One people as a fraud charge. Will report you to the New Mexico Attorney General as well.

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