Graphical inspiration from the gaming world

The internet revolution has meant that all of us have become a little more aware as to the importance of having good graphics on our sites. There’s nothing more likely to turn off any potential visitor than having some fuzzy lo-res graphics, and that’s why it’s always good to have a look around to make sure that your digital endeavours are up to date.

The gaming realm in particular is packed full of examples – both good and bad – of how graphics can make or break any project. So here’s a look at how a few next-gen titles, mobile games and even online slots have managed to set themselves apart from the pack.


The next-gen consoles of the Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have gleefully shown us just how powerful they can be in providing sleek graphics that deliver a 21st century gaming experience.
Games like The Order 1886 gained a huge amount of press purely due to their beautiful graphical capacities, and similarly, the Arkham Knight Batman game managed to deliver a fluidity in motion never before seen on our console screens.


But despite the amazing next-gen graphical developments, certain gaming realms have been moving in an opposite fashion. The mobile gaming boom has brought about a wave of games that revel in an almost-retro pixellated aesthetic with titles like Minecraft and Terraria showing that blocky graphics won’t impinge on a gamer’s enjoyment.

Similarly, some of the slot games at Royal Vegas Casino such as Reel Gems succeed by using graphics simply to provide an appropriate backdrop for the retro gaming fun that’s perfectly tailored to being viewed on a variety of devices that’s incredibly important in today’s multi-platform gaming environment.


Games in a mobile format always have to balance the desire to deliver high quality graphics with the need to not adversely tax the graphical capacities of the device. It’s a tricky balancing act to pull off, but games like Real Racing 3 and even Royal Vegas Casino’s sleek Game of Thrones slot game have managed to become a mobile hits thanks to the fluid graphical stylings that manage not to run slow on a cellphone.

But ultimately, it’s the gameplay that will invariably make or break a game. Whether it’s a simple online casino game or even a fun arcade simulator like Defend The Planet, the visual appeal of a game must work hand in hand with the gameplay to deliver a gaming title that stands the test of time.


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