Developing Innovative Video Game Systems

Getting a market share in the technology sector is difficult in a global economy. The video game industry creates plenty of challenges for small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to introduce new features into desktop and portable gaming consoles. Several major hardware manufacturers dominate the production of video game systems worldwide. It’s much easier to penetrate the game publishing industry instead because of the array of genres that could be explored for releasing brand new titles. Nevertheless, some ambitious investors have persisted through all of the obstacles of video game hardware production and managed to introduce innovative products.

Handheld game systems have been reinvented with brand new features that create plenty of advantages over traditional static gaming consoles. For example, the introduction of Wi-Fi technology has completely revolutionized the design concept of portable game units. In an age dominated by mobile technology, consumers want to enjoy high-quality games without always relying on their smartphones or tablets. These devices are not optimized to handle comprehensive versions of video games that require plenty of internal memory. A handheld game console with Wi-Fi can be used to connect to the internet and compete against virtual players all over the world. Some mobile gaming systems even feature web browsers and other capabilities for playing back HD videos and high-quality songs.

Mass-producing innovative game hardware becomes a challenge for investors because of several obstacles. First, the world’s biggest game console companies have partnerships with manufacturing facilities in countries such as China, Japan and South Korea. Most factories rarely accept any external orders from small companies seeking a tiny market share in the video game industry. It makes sense for manufacturers to fulfill massive orders that are guaranteed to generate significant profit margins. Therefore, investors in new handheld game consoles must find reliable partners who can fulfill orders properly on a relatively small scale. Sometimes, it might be necessary to explore production options for video game consoles in the United States rather than China. An inventor such as Carl Freer and other entrepreneurs are examples of businesspersons who develop innovative portable video game devices.

Advertising brand new video game technology is also quite challenging because of the dominance of major hardware manufacturers. Investors have to spend a significant amount of money on highly targeted platforms such as social media and traditional magazine publications that review video games. Brand new design concepts for handheld video game consoles should also be presented at major trade shows throughout the world. There are plenty of global events dedicated to showing off upcoming video game consoles and titles.

Demonstration of video game system use is also key in advertising at major trade shows. Representatives have to be ready to show off all of the highlights of a brand new game console that hasn’t even been released on the consumer market. It’s also a good idea to allow customers to pre-order any new video game systems. The orders could be delivered directly to homes and businesses or picked up at local authorized retailers such as electronics stores. Inventors, investors, engineers and developers of video game consoles should be present at major trade shows that display the latest models to a massive audience. Linking a new gadget with a prominent businessperson can generate some social buzz.


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