The Basic Na’vi Words and Phrases

Because I’m a big fan of Avatar and I’ve been dreaming to live in planet Pandora, I’m gonna share to you the basic Na’vi words and phrases. I recently updated my about page and I included the Na’vi language in the stuff that I’m interested to write about. I also added a new category in my blog entitled Pandora.

First and foremost, if you don’t have a single idea what the hell is the Na’vi language, here’s a definition from Wikipedia:

The Na’vi language is the constructed language of the Na’vi, the sapient humanoid indigenous inhabitants of the fictional moon Pandora in the 2009 film Avatar. It was created by Paul Frommer, a professor at the Marshall School of Business with a doctorate in linguistics. Na’vi was designed to fit James Cameron’s conception of what the language should sound like in the film, to be realistically learnable by the fictional human characters of the film, and to be pronounceable by the actors, but to not closely resemble any single human language.

Yep, it’s just a fictional language and Dr. Frommer created this language for many years! Good thing, the Na’vi language uses English alphabet, not any “fictional characters” or some Russian-inspired letters. It will be harder to comprehend and harder to memorize if the letters are also fictional. Thanks to Dr. Frommer for using the English alphabet! Haha!

Here are the basic Na’vi words that I want to share with you:
rìk = Leaf
säfpìl = Idea
sat = That
set = Now
sìlronsem = Smart
skxawng = Idiot
slä = But
sngä’i = Begin
som = Hot
sop = Travel
speng = Restore
zong = Save
zerok = Remember
yom = Eat
wok = Loud
wem = Fight
way = Song
vur = Story
väng = Thirsty

And here are the Na’vi phrases:
irayo = Thank you!
kintrram = Last week
kintrray = Next week
kxamtrrmaw = Early Afternoon
nari si = Be careful
ngaytxoa = Sorry, my apologies
zo = Be well or take care
Oel ngati kameie = I see you

I’ll be sharing more Na’vi stuff soon! Thanks for reading! Haha!


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