PageRank Rollback: Twitter is back to PR9 & Google is now PR10

Yep, another PR update occurred a few days ago. Majority of the domains that gained PR, rolled back to their original PR. Some maintained their PageRank, and some gained a +1 PageRank after the last PR update. A few sites gained PageRank twice, but those are new sites from PR0 who gained PR2 last June 27, and promoted to PR3 last July 18.

Therefore I conclude that websites who gained PR last June 27, 2011 declined or maintained its PR last July 18, 2011 update. Sites who maintained their PR last 06/27 are the sites who gained PageRank last 07/18. Sites who were penalized to PR0 last 06/27, rolled back to their original PR like While others gained PR, but not close to their original PR.

That’s just my hypothesis regarding the 2 consecutive PR updates. I guess that there will be another PR update by next month, because some sites that aren’t showing in the SERPs anymore gained PR4 and PR5 last 07/18 PR update, which is really weird, because those sites are already zero and it’s logical that they should remain zero, but they gained their PR back.

I think Google did something to their PageRank algorithm so that will become PR10 from PR9. Because they stayed in PR9 for a long time, while Facebook’s PageRank is 10. Heh.


4 responses to “PageRank Rollback: Twitter is back to PR9 & Google is now PR10”

  1. This PR rearrange was very weird, when I saw some pages losing PR only one month after the original update I was really scared, then I started noticing that most websites were reverting to the PR they had before the June update. And some dropped some didn’t.

    This was very weird, do you think it was a correction or will there be monthly updates from now on?

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      Hi Pedro! Thanks for sharing your insights.

      I think they are tweaking something in their algorithm and I’m pretty sure that there will be another PR update by next month. If I’m wrong, then it’s ok. My PR didn’t go up nor down in the past 2 months anyway. Hehe.

  2. I just hope it’s truly a rollback and not some f**ked up new algo calculation. It almost certainly has to be a temporary rollback based on some of the sites that it re-demoted to PR0 (new sites)

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      Definitely it’s a rollback. Let’s expect another PR update by next month.

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