So who won the Glee Project?

The Glee Project Season Finale is over!!! So who won the Glee Project? If you haven’t seen episode 10 of the Glee Project yet, please stop reading this post! But if you’ve seen it, all of them actually won the Glee Project! Yes guys! The 4 of them won the Glee Project! Samuel and Damien tied for the first place, then Alex and Lindsay for the 2nd place. The 2nd placers won a 2-episode arc on Glee, while the 1st placers won a 7-episode arc on Glee!
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The Glee Project Winner is… Samuel!

Yes! It’s all over! Samuel won! But to be honest, I’m really not sure. I just predict that Samuel Larsen will win the Glee Project. After watching episode 9 of the Glee Project, I’m so happy that nobody was eliminated. Now… Alex, Lindsay, Damian, and Samuel will have a chance to perform in the finals!

I bet my life and I bet Samuel will win! I can’t wait to watch the last episode of the Glee Project entitled “Glee-ality”. This is gonna be the most exciting and most thrilling episode because it’s the last one! I know that the taping is over and the winner is already proclaimed, but it wasn’t aired yet. Nobody really knows who the winner is. I just read somewhere that Damian won. I also read in another somewhere that Samuel won. Others also said that Alex won! I never heard that Lindsay won, but who knows, maybe Lindsay will win.
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The Glee Project Episode 9 prediction and opinion

If you’ve seen episode 108 of the Glee Project, then you’ll really be curious what will happen to the next episode. Based on the sneak peak of episode 109 from last Sunday’s episode, the elimination seems to be interrupted by Ryan Murphy through a phone call.

In the sneak peak of Episode 9, Robert Ulrich said that “Just when we’ve finally reached a decision, we have a phone call from Ryan“. That phrase from Robert triggered the curiosity of major Glee fans. Will they discontinue the 10th episode of the Glee Project and get the remaining 4 to be part of Glee? Or will they continue the episode entitled Glee-ality with the 4 of them? Or will my prediction become true, and the last 2 contenders will be Lindsay and Samuel?
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Goodbye Cameron Mitchell

Fans of Cameron are mourning right now. Yes, I know… I know. He doesn’t want to continue anymore and he has quit to give chance to everyone who are giving all their best to be part of Glee. Damien didn’t make it to the call back list, but Cameron decided to leave, so Damien has another chance to give his best shot next week. Cameron felt good that he did it, so we should not mourn, but be happy because he survived that long and made it to the Top 6.
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Why Marissa Von Bleicken has been eliminated?

If you’re watching “The Glee Project” and you’re a big fan of the pretty and sexy Marissa Von Bleicken, then I guess you’re very sad when she was eliminated last Sunday, instead of Alex. I also wished that Alex should be eliminated, but sadly, he (or she?!?!) wasn’t! Ryan Murphy was impressed with Alex’s performance even if a lot hates that fag0#@%QTTT!

Anyway, I just want to say goodbye to Marissa and I want to say that you don’t deserve to be eliminated that early. Why not that early? Because I know that Marissa will be booted out soon and Samuel will win in this reality TV show (I’m from the future and I’ve seen it!). But… if I’m wrong, maybe the future that I’ve been through is another dimension, perhaps a parallel universe.
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The Glee Project: Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours MP3

If you’re a fan of the “The Glee Project” and you’ve seen its season premiere, and you love how they performed their first group song, and you love their version of Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” single, and you want to listen to it over and over again, and you’re looking for an MP3 to download, then you googled it, then that’s why you’re here!
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