Why Marissa Von Bleicken has been eliminated?

If you’re watching “The Glee Project” and you’re a big fan of the pretty and sexy Marissa Von Bleicken, then I guess you’re very sad when she was eliminated last Sunday, instead of Alex. I also wished that Alex should be eliminated, but sadly, he (or she?!?!) wasn’t! Ryan Murphy was impressed with Alex’s performance even if a lot hates that fag0#@%QTTT!

Anyway, I just want to say goodbye to Marissa and I want to say that you don’t deserve to be eliminated that early. Why not that early? Because I know that Marissa will be booted out soon and Samuel will win in this reality TV show (I’m from the future and I’ve seen it!). But… if I’m wrong, maybe the future that I’ve been through is another dimension, perhaps a parallel universe.

Ok, I will tell you what happened in the future. In episode 107 of the Glee Project, Cameron will not make it to the call back list. In episode 108, Hannah will be eliminated. So the remaining 4 will be Damien, Samuel, Lindsay and Alex. Damien will be eliminated in August 14, 2011, then Alex, on August 21, 2011.

The last episode will be a showdown between Samuel and Lindsay. Both of them will perform great and Ryan Murphy will have a hard time choosing the winner. But after a series of thinking and considering all factors to be included on Glee, Samuel will be proclaimed as the winner.

Once again, I’m out of topic. I should be sharing why Marissa Von Bleicken has been eliminated. Here are the reasons why.

1. Marissa is not good enough to be part of Glee. She’s not unique and she’s not a great singer, she’s just pretty and she has a voice, but not that good compared to the rest of the finalists.
2. Ryan Murphy doesn’t know how to write for her
3. She won the homework assignment, but she didn’t deserve it. She just won because Max has a thing for her. Samuel should have won the homework assignment.
4. She’s not that Tenacious

I still do like Marissa and I hate why she was eliminated before Alex. But right now, there’s nothing I can do, but accept the harsh reality that Marissa was now gone.

As a tribute to Marissa, here are some pictures of her that I found while googling:


19 responses to “Why Marissa Von Bleicken has been eliminated?”

  1. Yes i agree. Shes gone now but she still look hot. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. She is the best?

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  5. CookieGirL Avatar

    I agree with your observation and I read a post interview of her she said if she was a character on GLEE she wants to be Santana’s love interest, I was like
    WHAT, DON’T YOU WATCH GLEE? Doesn’t she heard about Britanny and that character will be a redundant to write with another gay character BLAINE, that’s why Ryan Murphy can’t write a character for her. And I agree with your obervation on Alex too, he’s just copycatting Chris Colfer’s character Kurt.

  6. TROLLING Avatar

    this blog is crap. marissa should have one. you fan girls who are blinded by the guys are so typical.urgh

  7. TROLLING Avatar

    this post is crap. marissa should have won. you fan girls who are blinded by the guys are so typical.urgh

  8. marissa no.1 fan Avatar
    marissa no.1 fan

    Never watching the glee project again. It is packed with lies and rubbish. When Marissa got kicked out, i know they are shitty liars. pig judges. U SHOULD READ THIS AND BE ASHAMED- THE PIG JUDGES! luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvve u marissa!! dont listen to the glee project. they have an illness. GO MARISSA!! WHOO!

  9. nobetter Avatar

    Marissa left entirely too early and you don’t know what you are talking about! She has more vocal facility than any other contender. She does not have a “musical theatre” type voice like Lindsay and, therefore, does not have the big brash high notes quite to the same degree. Now, her natural acting talent…especially on camera…exceeds Lindsay’s. She is also a better dancer; not to mention the fact that she is far more pleasant to work with. The “tenacious” thing…well…ask one of the on-set people at the Glee Project. I’ll bet that they will tell you different.

  10. I love Marissa Rocks..

  11. Marissa you are soo cute and you have a big voice!

  12. i love her she’s sooo cool!

  13. Osman Morote Avatar
    Osman Morote

    Win :

    7 chapters
    Samuel , Damien

    2 Chapters
    Lindsay & Alex

    All win.
    You wrong.


    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      I admit I’m wrong. It’s just a prediction anyway. Hehe.

    2. Hey, Umm, you were wrong in your prediciton, Which you already know! ๐Ÿ˜€

      And Marissa has a wonderful voice. Better than lindsays’ because Marissa had a unique soulfulness to her voice. Ryan Murphy never said that he couldn’t write a role for her, he only commented on her performing(body language on stage). He noted that she was a femme fatal and at the point he instantly had a character in mind for her. That character is Rebecca, a beautiful girl with a voice that suits any genre of music.

      Expect to see Marissa von bleicken in Season 4 because of all the contestants who were eliminated, Ryan murphy has promised to allow Marissa to come in and audition for a part. (Note that character part/role was something he had already written and realized marissa fit it perfectly/

  14. Blaire Avatar

    Wow, you are a total tool. I think everyone can agree that Marissa is awesome but your remark about Alex is completely unnecessary and offensive. And considering how nice Marissa was on the show I think she would consider you a douche and would not care for your rude criticisms. Considering how positive the show, GP, is and how it tries to promote diversity and acceptance, you don’t seem like the type to even watch a show like that. Clearly you did not get the memo on what the show was about. Dick.

  15. Mark C. Avatar
    Mark C.

    I fell in love with Marissa the first day I saw her and I was a little sad to see her go but Alex is a great performer, a great singer and is proud to be gay and he doesn’t need a******* like you calling him a fag!!!!!!
    PS i’m a 100% Straight Male whose best friend is a 100% Gay Male


  17. Kimberly Chan Avatar
    Kimberly Chan

    Who is your favorite from the Glee Project season 2?

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