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PayPal to GCASH Philippine Peso cash-in disabled

If you wonder why the PHP currency in your PayPal account is not appearing anymore if you attempt to cash-in using the GCASH app via PayPal, then you’re not alone. I wondered too and found out that they disabled the PHP option. So if you have Philippine Pesos in your PayPal account, you cannot withdraw it instantly as of May 2018. You need to convert it to USD or any other foreign currency, except PHP! Yep, such. a. hassle. Globe is. Creating. Wonderful. Wonderful indeed.

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Smart Bro IPs blocked in

If you’re using Smart Bro, chances are you’re also blocked from accessing Don’t worry, you are not alone. My Smart mobile wifi is blocked as well. Paypal seems to blocked a wide range of Smart IPs. I suggest that you use another ISP or a VPN, when accessing Paypal.

This happened since March 2015. A lot of Smart IP addresses were blocked from PayPal. And lately, last December 2016, more Smart Broadband IPs were blocked by PayPal. It’s safe to assume that it’s an automated block.

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PayPal: We’re sorry,but we can’t send your payment right now.

We’re sorry,but we can’t send your payment right now. This annoying PayPal message has annoyed thousands of loyal PayPal customers already. This occurred around 4th quarter of 2016. It’s a security feature of PayPal for accounts with good standing, because they want to protect you! Yes you! and me of course. So if you cannot send any amount using your current PayPal funds, then fear not. You can still use your funds by asking the recipient to send a money request or create a PayPal invoice.


Paypal Online Dashboard Revamped this 2016

After logging in to Paypal today, I was surprised with the new dashboard design. It now looks modern, but slightly confusing as I’m using to the old design. It’s basically really neat and ergonomic. I somewhat remember the transition from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.0 admin UI. Now, I just need to get used to it. I’m still not very familiar with the new user interface, as you know, it’s really new. Just today! I logged in yesterday, and I can clearly remember that they are still using the old UI yesterday. But now, it’s entirely new! Check it out in my screenshot below.


There’s a lot to like about the new design. One thing I like is that they put all your personal settings in one page. In the old version of the dashboard, you need to hover the profile link to see all the stuff that you can edit under your profile, like e-mail, bank account, credit card, and street address.

Now you just need to click on the “Gear” sign, which obviously represents your account settings. After clicking it, you’ll see all your personal details in one place. Now you can add and edit what you need to add and edit. I think there are more features in the new dashboard that I have yet to find out.

How about you? Do you love the new Paypal dashboard UI?


How to cancel your subscription? Screenshot
Sandra, a friend of mine way back college, asked me the question above. She has a subscription (her Mastercard has charges from MYLIFE PPL BKGRD SVC) and she wants to cancel it because she no longer uses it and she wants a refund. After she asked me this question, I just had a blank stare at her. I have no idea what it because I haven’t used that site before.

Internet Login Page Revamped Today

Yep, it’s revamped. Just today. I noticed it a while ago, because I logged in at an hour ago, and the their web design is still the same. When I logged in just now, it’s completely revamped. Below is the screenshot of the new!

That’s all! I just want to share the new Paypal login page design. After you login, everything is still the same. But I think they will change the design in a week or in a few days.


Transferring Funds from Paypal to Moneybookers and vice-versa

Transferring your funds from Paypal to Moneybookers is possible if you have a third party fund exchanger. If you don’t know anyone who accepts Paypal funds in exchange for funds, then there’s no way for you to transfer your funds. There are several entities online that accepts Paypal funds for MB funds, but you can’t easily find them.

While googling about Paypal to Moneybookers exchangers, I found a lot of forum threads and people offering such service. I tried e-mailing them, but until now, nobody replied to my e-mail. I think transferring funds from Paypal to Moneybookers and vice-versa is not a profitable business, that’s why I can’t find a website that currently accept online currency exchanges. Hopefully sooner or later, there will be an online service that will automatically convert my Paypal funds to Moneybookers and other online cash.


Huge Paypal Fees in Infolinks Payouts

I’m really really really frustrated with Infolinks because each and everytime I receive a payment to my Paypal account that is more than $10,000.00 USD, Infolinks will never pay for the fee, that’s why Paypal will be forced to charge my account a 3.9% fee when Infolinks send payments to publishers like me.