Smart Bro IPs blocked in

If you’re using Smart Bro, chances are you’re also blocked from accessing Don’t worry, you are not alone. My Smart mobile wifi is blocked as well. Paypal seems to blocked a wide range of Smart IPs. I suggest that you use another ISP or a VPN, when accessing Paypal.

This happened since March 2015. A lot of Smart IP addresses were blocked from PayPal. And lately, last December 2016, more Smart Broadband IPs were blocked by PayPal. It’s safe to assume that it’s an automated block.

PayPal’s customer support can’t seem to do a thing. They will just suggest that you use another ISP or ask your ISP to refresh your IP so that you can get a new one.

Too bad that we have shared IPs. If somebody did something bad and you have the same IP as that bad guy, then you’ll be banned as well. Better to buy your own static dedicated IP that is not shared with anyone.

Oh well.


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