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Bomb Explosion in Roxas Night Market, Davao City, September 2, 2016!

Yes, that’s today. There’s a sudden explosion here in Davao City. I thought it’s just thunder even it’s not raining, but it’s actually a bomb. I’m inside Marco Polo 5th floor when it happened. I didn’t see the explosion, but I see a lot of people along Roxas. The explosion happened at exactly 10:18 PM local time (GMT+8) according to the Marco Polo staff I’m talking with right now. I wasn’t able to take a video, but will share it in this blog once I found one online. Be safe everyone. Photo above by @jboygonzalessj of Check out his twitter of live photo and video updates.

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SM Advantage sneaky points earning system

I just noticed this now, that the mechanics of SM Advantage in their FAQs page is a lie. I noticed this after buying something at SM Appliance Center that is worth 200k. Suppose to be, you’ll be awarded 1 point for each 200 pesos spent. You may refer to the screenshot below:


So I should receive around 1000 points, for a 200k php spent, right? To my surprise, I was only awarded half of it. I received 500 points for a 200,000-peso purchase. I then checked my other purchases and found out that SM actually awards 1 point for every 200 pesos spent, except for SM Appliance Center, SM Supermarket, Hypermarket, Our Home, and Watsons which is 1 point every P400 pesos spent.

Lesson Learned: Don’t believe what you see in SM’s advertisements and what they wrote in their FAQs page. They are sneaky big bastards.

UPDATE: SM seems to have updated their FAQs page. We can now see that we only earn 1 point for 400 pesos spent in selected stores: