Ragnarok Setup on Windows 8

Ragnarok Online Screen Size Setup Problem on Windows 8 Fixed!

I just wanna share how I fixed the screen size setup problem on my pRO client. If you’re a Windows 8 user like me, after the recent RO patch, your pRO window screen size will be reset to the default window size of 640 x 480. This can be easily modified in Windows 7 and other older versions of the Windows Operating System. However, there’s a bug in Windows 8. You can’t view the differetn screen sizes after clicking the Setup.exe inside your Ragnarok Online folder.
Ragnarok Setup on Windows 8
Even if you restart your PC, run it as an administrator, or praying hard over and over again, you can’t fix it. But, because I’m so eager to fix it, I found a way! And this is what I’m going to share in this short blog post.

There are 2 ways in fixing this screen size problem. One is access your Windows 8 Ragnarok Online folder using a Windows PC. You can modify the Setup.exe without any problems.

What if you only have a Windows 8 PC? Then here’s a solution for you. Go to your Ragnarok Online folder and open the “data” and “savedata” folder.

Inside those folders, there’s a file named OptionInfo.lua. Open it using any text editor and edit the default screen sizes.

Look for these lines, somewhere in line 48 and 49.
OptionInfoList["WIDTH"] = 640
OptionInfoList["HEIGHT"] = 480

Modify it to suit your needs. My resolution is 1920 x 1080, so I changed the width to 1920 and height to 1080. And that’s it! Problem solved!

Ragnarok Online Option Info

Note that if you’re using Servant Salamander, you won’t be able to modify it. Just edit it using your Windows Explorer.

UPDATE 11/12/12: If you encountered a “Cannot init D3D or GRF” error in your RO client using Windows 8, just disable the full screen view. I forgot to include this in this post even if I encountered this problem first, haha! Thanks to a aMir (one of the readers of this post), who asked about this, that’s why I remembered to add the solution to this problem today.

I hope this helps to pRO gamers out there who encountered the same problem as I did.


18 responses to “Ragnarok Online Screen Size Setup Problem on Windows 8 Fixed!”

  1. Thanks for the link, Bryan. Pisay ka din pala. =)

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      Welcome Kiven! Thanks for dropping by..! 😀

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  3. Hmm , sir . it cant work for me == , so sad when using windows 8 cant play ragnarok online

  4. hello bryan veloso 🙂 , can help me ? i already try your suggestion to play RO in window 8 but when i follow like you said then i open the ro client i get this error , cannot inid d3d or grf file has problem

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      I also encountered that D3D error. Just untick/uncheck the full screen view after clicking setup.exe. Or edit your OptionInfo.lua file and change ISFULLSCREENMODE from 1 to 0.

  5. ginawa ko rin yung ginawa mo, di rin gumagana… nakakaasar… 14 inch tong laptop ko. suggest mo nga kung anung fit dito tapos try ko uli gawin yung steps na ginawa mo.

  6. Jameshroom Avatar

    Oops, sorry, saw them. Problem now is, I can’t seem to find the “WIDTH” and “HEIGHT” in the lua file. I tried creating them myself, still didn’t work. Heeeelp
    This is how it looks like:
    CmdOnOffList[“/notrade”] = 0
    CmdOnOffList[“/noshift”] = 0
    CmdOnOffList[“/noctrl”] = 1
    CmdOnOffList[“/skillfail”] = 1
    CmdOnOffList[“/notalkmsg”] = 0
    CmdOnOffList[“/notalkmsg2”] = 0
    CmdOnOffList[“/showname”] = 0
    CmdOnOffList[“/fog”] = 0
    CmdOnOffList[“/aura”] = 1
    CmdOnOffList[“/window”] = 0
    CmdOnOffList[“/miss”] = 1
    CmdOnOffList[“/q1”] = 0
    CmdOnOffList[“/q2”] = 0
    CmdOnOffList[“/effect”] = 1
    CmdOnOffList[“/bgm”] = 0
    CmdOnOffList[“/sound”] = 0
    CmdOnOffList[“/loginout”] = 1
    CmdOnOffList[“/shopping”] = 1
    CmdOnOffList[“/stateinfo”] = 1
    CmdOnOffList[“/snap”] = 0
    CmdOnOffList[“/itemsnap”] = 0
    CmdOnOffList[“/skillsnap”] = 1
    CmdOnOffList[“/hoai”] = 1
    CmdOnOffList[“/merai”] = 0
    CmdOnOffList[“/camera”] = 0

    OptionInfoList[“Trilinear”] = 0
    OptionInfoList[“Bgm_Volume”] = 5
    OptionInfoList[“Effect_Volume”] = 100
    OptionInfoList[“AutoOpen1to1Window”] = 0
    OptionInfoList[“AutoOpen1to1Window_Friend”] = 0
    OptionInfoList[“PlaySound_Open1to1Window”] = 0
    OptionInfoList[“Outdoor_ViewLatitude”] = -50.000000
    OptionInfoList[“Outdoor_ViewDistance”] = 351.500000
    OptionInfoList[“Indoor_ViewLatitude”] = -45.000000
    OptionInfoList[“Indoor_ViewDistance”] = 300.000000
    OptionInfoList[“SkinName”] = “”
    OptionInfoList[“ChannelCopID”] = 0
    OptionInfoList[“Window_XPos”] = 0
    OptionInfoList[“Window_YPos”] = 0
    OptionInfoList[“Simplicity_SkillList”] = 1
    OptionInfoList[“Show_SkillDescript”] = 0
    OptionInfoList[“ChangeChatMode”] = 1
    OptionInfoList[“LockMouse”] = 1

    1. Same whit me, how to fix it?

    2. I think you open the wrong file. Open file-now you will see folders click on savedata(nota data) then look for the same file OptionInfo.lua then edit it 😀

  7. Why this isn’t work for me, i try all the steps carefully and still the screen is minimalized like this https://dl.dropbox.com/u/52614104/sdf.PNG

  8. the option info doesnt have anything like that

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      You need to start yung RO client first to see the optionlist width and height. If you open your OptionInfo.lua without starting your client, you won’t see it.

  9. I know how to fix this follow these instructions:

    Go to Gravity-Ragnarok Online, find “Setup_Classic” click on it and choose “Troubleshoot compatibility”, choose Troubleshoot program check “The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won’t install or run now”, click Next, choose Windows 7, click Next and click on Test the program. Now double click on Setup_Classic and choose your screen resolution, mine is set at 1024 x 600 x16. Click OK. Click Next on the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter and choose “Yes, save these settings for this program” and close troubleshooter. Now you can run Ragnarok Online Classic and it should work.

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      Thanks for sharing Shinji. 🙂

  10. Boozter Avatar

    What work for me is the compatibility mode of windows.
    Right Click on setup.exe -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Check “Run this program incompatibility mode for:” -> select windows 7, and boom, screen resolutions will be displayed.

  11. Using his guide solved my problem. You may want to cite him and include that as well.



  12. King Carl Avatar
    King Carl

    Im having hard time guys when using may flatscreen tv 32inch. I connected my pc through my flat screen tv 32″. I have problem in regards to the resolution of ragnarok. I’m using windows 10. Also, my problem is I can’t read the words display in ragnarok. like messages and character info and so on.
    Any could help me to maximize my ragnarok in 32″ flat screen tv.
    I will try your information above to test this in my tv.

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