Goodbye Adsense for Domains

Everybody seems to be saying goodbye. Just recently, I blogged about the shutting down of i.PH blog services. Now, I’m blogging again about another farewell. Today, March 21, 2012, no new hosted domains will be added for existing Adsense for domains publishers. AdSense publishers with access to Hosted domains will no longer be able to add new domains to their account. Hosted domain channels will also be read-only as of this date.
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So long i.PH, we’ll miss you!

I recently received an e-mail from i.PH that they will be shutting down on May 21, 2012. This is a very sad news for all users, but we have to let go. Good thing, I’m not using my i.PH blog for quite a long time. I think they were banned from Google Adsense as I don’t see any Google Ads on any i.PH blogs, unlike before. I assume that this is one of the main reasons why i.PH doesn’t make any profit as they don’t serve Google Adsense ads anymore.
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The Hunger Games Premiere in Manila

My classmates and I booked a ticket to Manila because uncle Tony won 10 tickets for an exclusive premiere of Hunger Games this March 20, 2012. I can’t contain my joy that’s why I blogged about it! I’m so excited to watch the Hunger Games this 20th day of March! Geez.

The public premiere night will be on March 21, good thing my Uncle Tony got free tickets for us!
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Are you looking for a Virtual Assistant?

Just yesterday, my cousin Lindsay asked me if I know any Virtual Assistants for hire or if I’m available to be her VA. Sadly, I’m not available as I’m too busy doing other stuff, like playing, playing, playing and sleeping. Yeah, I’m that busy. So, with the help of Google, I searched for people who are looking for job or to be employed as a virtual assistant.
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Wow! PHP 5.4.0 has been released!

I recently updated my server to 5.3.10 and now PHP 5.4.0 has been released! The PHP said that the release is a major leap forward in the 5.x series, which includes a huge number of new features and bug fixes.

They key new features of PHP 5.4 are traits, DTrace support, a shortened array syntax, a built-in webserver for testing purposes and a whole lot more, check it out here. You can download the latest stable version here if you want to try it out. This PHP version greatly improves performance and memory footprint. There were also more than 100 bugs fixed in this version.
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Almost scammed by

As I was searching for a cheap shared hosting service, I was lured into clicking a certain ad from a certain well-known website and it took me to The ad says free webhosting and domain, but after clicking it, I found out that it’s not really free. It’s just cheap, because it’s starts at $1.99/month.

Imagine a web host with unlimited hosting space, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited addon domains, unlimited e-mail accounts, $200 FREE Marketing credits, 99.9% up-time guarantee, and a 30-day money back guarantee! For $1.99/month, that’s a real steal!
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BPI Express Online Error: 3rd party accounts gone in transfer funds

If you encountered this certiain bug, glitch, error or whatever they call it, fear not! I have a solution for you. If you have over 14 3rd party accounts enrolled in your account, then you have most likely encountered this problem a long time ago and you already know the work around to fix it. But, if you encountered this for the first time and you wonder why your enrolled 3rd party accounts doesn’t show in the drop down menu after selecting your source account, then this post is for you.
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