SOLVED: Avatar Extended Edition Blu-ray PS3 Problem

Yes guys, it doesn’t work. I just received my Avatar Extended Edition Blu-ray disc and tried to play it on my PS3 (Playstation 3 US Version Firmware 3.50). To be specific it’s the Avatar Three-Disc Extended Collector’s Edition + BD-Live from I’m staring at my HDTV right now and it’s just plain black. I think I need to buy a new blu-ray player for this disc.

Did anyone encounter the same problem as mine? Please share your thoughts below. I assume there’s a workaround to make this disc work but I don’t know how.

SOLUTION: Just disconnect your internet, it worked for me (Some commenters in this post said that deleting the BD data may work, but it didn’t work for me. Anyway, just try deleting it because it worked for other users). Another thing that worked for me is signing out of the Playstation Network. Thanks to everyone who shared about this workaround! I am now able to watch Avatar Extended Collector’s Edition on my PS3!

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47 Responses to SOLVED: Avatar Extended Edition Blu-ray PS3 Problem

  1. James says:

    Same for me, doesn’t work on my PS3 slim firmware version 3.5 (up to date). The bluray works on my brother-in-laws PS3 fat and my mother-in-laws Pioneer Blu-Ray player. Tried doing a system restore, deleting the BD Date Utility folder and unplugging and letting the system sit for an hour. Weirdest thing was the disk worked yesterday as we watched for about two hours but we had to go so we shut it off. Next day, no dice. Gives you the warning about load times then goes black and hangs. That’s it. I hope someone fixes this or I’m getting a new BD player asap.

  2. Junior says:

    In my ps3 not working too.

  3. John Mark says:

    Wow! I really thought I received a damaged blu-ray disc. It does not work on my Playstation 3 either. I’m thinking of returning the disc, but I think they will just send me the same disc that will still not work on PS3. If I return this BD to Amazon, I’ll just waste time and money.

    I’ll just try to use another blu-ray player to watch the extended edition of Avatar.

  4. RickM says:

    Just got mine home, also doea not work on my PS3, gggrrrr

  5. Anton says:

    Same is happening for me right now also. It’s just black. Cant see shit. What the fuck??

  6. Bryan Veloso says:

    So many are encountering the same problem as I did! I also don’t think that PS3 will release an update just to fix this issue. The only solution I can think now is just buy a new BD player to watch the extended edition.

  7. Ben says:

    I’m having the same experience, except with GoogleTV player which actually uses the same player as the PS3. Worst of all, there are NO current updates… :(((

  8. Roger Fachini says:

    Mine won’t work in my laptop or desktop computers either. What an absolute waste. Best Buy exchanged the set for a new one which still won’t play, and I’ve spent over six hours talking to DELL and Fox and my player manufacturer just to mention a few. Fox suggested buying another player. Well, at least the packaging is pretty… I’ve already spent more time on this than the length of the movie.

  9. Bryan Veloso says:

    @Ben – I know how you feel. We’re so excited to watch the extended edition, but we can’t…. oh my…

    @Roger Fachini – too bad… I hope that they will release a new extended edition that is compatible with all blu-ray players. There should be a recall!

    Recall! Recall! Recall!!!!

  10. leandro says:

    same probleme here =(

  11. Aldo says:

    Well same thing happened to me and I deleted everything and didn’t work. So I searched further and noticed that in shared files it installed some stuff too (don’t have name of files but checked the dates). I deleted those and was able to see it on the ps3 again.

    Hope this helps some people.

  12. Daniel says:

    Turn off the internet at the wall before trying to play this movie. will work for all 3 discs guarantee

  13. Garry Flanagan says:

    I have the 3 DVD collector’s edition and it won’t play on my PC but works fine on my 360. I think it might be something to do with the way the company is pressing (burning) the discs.

  14. Hillary says:

    Same here. I updated my Acer Arcade Deluxe and it still wouldn’t play. I get the black screen of doom. Thought it was my machine but it plays my Watchmen Blu Ray perfectly. This sucks because my laptop is the only Blu Ray player I have at the moment. I really wanted to see this in full 1080p.

  15. adrian says:

    Same thing here! watched 15 minutes, stopped playback to grab dinner amd when trying to reboot, Black screen. Fox And Sony should work on an update, way cheaper than a recall…

  16. adrian says:

    fixed it!

    on the ps3 video menu, go to BD data and erase the avatar disc 1 data. (select it, triangle and choose delete). Then introduce the disc and play it. I’m pretty sure you’d hace to do this every time you want to play it.

    • Misabi says:

      Hmm, tried to do this but don’t seem to have a BD data option under video settings.

      I have:
      BD Menu Language
      BD Audio Language
      BD Subtitle Language
      BD Internet Connection (which I’ve set to confirm)

      but no BD data…

      I’ve also tried disconnecting the internet but still my Avatar BD won’t play, which it did the first month or so that I bought it (when it was first released in NZ), so I’m guessing that this has something to do with a update installed since then.

    • Misabi says:

      Ah, scratch my last comment. Realised that I was looking in the wrong place πŸ™‚
      Have deleted the Avatar data from the BD Data Utility under the XMB Video menu and bingo, it plays again πŸ™‚

      Tried enabling internet connection and playing again, and still works.

      What a total waste of time that is!!

  17. Kim says:

    Whoever mentioned turning off the internet was right! Just to be safe I deleted the file in BD data and stuff but it worked for me when i did both. Much thanks to aldo, adrian and daniel!!!

    Just delete the files, then disconnect your internet, then insert the disc. Once the movie starts playing, you can turn the internet back on again. At the very least this has worked for me once, and I’ll try with discs 2 and 3 later! I still hope a good patch is released though, my family’s bunch of Avatards and will be watching this over and over lol!

  18. Junior says:

    Update 5.55 released.

    Solve this problem?

  19. Junior says:

    Ops, 3.55.

  20. john says:

    i was having the same problem – i didn’t delete anything – just turned off the internet – now it works

  21. tcc says:

    update to 3.55
    everything go well!

  22. Grey Beard says:

    Hi Guys

    Thnx for the help above – Disconnect Internet / Logoff / Delete BD-data …

    And … Hey Presto … Avatar plays like a whistle …

    Yo guys just saved my afternoon.

  23. bkk says:

    Mine is doing the same thing, but I’m not trying to use a PS. It’s just a blu-ray player (nice one too, so I’m puzzled). Any suggestions?

  24. joe says:

    This drove me nuts but I just turned off net and deleted avatar bd data on the ps3 menu bar. so easy rlly. But stupid that it has to be done

  25. Mark says:

    I’ve tried loading it on 3 different Blu-Ray machines all Sony brands. 2 were the BDP-S360 and the other was a BDP-N460. Contacted Sony’s on-line help they gave me the run around about the player may need to be repaired. Are you kidding me! Someone either Fox or Sony needs to step up and take responsibility for this issue and update their firmware. BTW all the players were updated to the latest firmware version 11-8-008

  26. babel says:

    stay and wait 5-10 minuts the blue ray will start alone.
    but the disc say the probleme but pass into after 5-10 minuts.

  27. Ron says:

    Unfortunately this isn’t just a PS3 issue. My LG standalone Blu-ray player does the same thing and disabling the Internet does fix it but what good is bd live then? It must be faulty discs and a recall should be issued.

  28. john says:

    Im having same issues play fine till an hour or so thru then skips n jumps n looses audio for a few scenes then seems to play fine . Had same problem with back to the future trilogy n exchanged it 3 times to find same problem. Exchanged for avatar n now having problems with it. Surley cant be all faulty discs. Will exchange again tonight and try deleting data from bd folder. Tried disabling internet and signin out but still no joy. Fast loosin patience. Any ideas anyone. Much appreciated

  29. Mike says:

    Turn router off and delete movie info and hit play
    and wait, the blu-ray message still comes up, but wait
    it will start playing after that

  30. Paul says:

    Still loooong load time, but thanks. Deleted the bd folder, and works fine

  31. Stuart says:

    just got it and similar trouble
    Wont load at all on my ps3 slim 120gb model.
    Latest firmwere updated. Disc goes in loading sign comes up next to clock but nothing else. Dont even get a blank screen of a disc sign pop up. Tried disconnecting the internt, dont have nay files in BD folder to delete.
    Very disappointed

  32. kh27s says:

    I have recently bought the DVD set, and the picture starts skipping and breaking up around the middle of part 1 on disc 1. Does anybody have the same problem?

  33. hollow jf says:

    I did anything that you said and nothing works πŸ™

  34. Danny says:

    Hi I turned off the internet deleted the BD Utility file in the video menu and it worked straight away πŸ™‚ Many thanks for your help πŸ™‚ Danny.

  35. Gikkotron says:

    I got the same error as Stuart and after a few search on google i believe that is a firmware problem.

    In my case I deleted all the BD cache and get disconnected from the internet ( and also from the psn ), then rebooted the console.

    After this, I tried 10 ( or more ) times to insert and eject the BD and finally I got it work. But this morning it doesn’t work again…I think I have to repeat the procedure again… -.-”

    Very disappointed too, hope Sony will release a fix soon

  36. Cassie says:

    just wanted to say that i was having problems with my ps3 and playing avatar and now for the wonderful advice on this site the movie will play. thanks to you all and whoever came up with the idea to turn the internet off to get the movie to work.

  37. link0521 says:

    Same problem that everyone has. I was happy that I got my Avatar 3 disc collectors edition and puff it didn’t worked. I was staring at the black tv screen for a complete half hour.

    Hopefully I found a solution. Erase the Avatar’s Bluray file on the utility and it worked :p. Hope that it works for you also.

  38. Aaron says:

    I can confirm that deleting the data WILL fix the playback problems! No idea what is causing this error. It is incredibly inconvenient, but a very easy/quick fix! Thank you guys!

  39. David says:

    Tried to figure this out for hours today. I haven’t upgraded the firmware on my PS3 for over a year (always left it disconnected since I only watched movies and didn’t game anymore). Upgraded to 3.6 due to my new 3d tv and noticed everything but Avatar would play. Was really annoying and spent all day trying to figure this out. Then I found this thread and deleting the BD Profile for Avatar fixed the issue. Thanks a ton!

  40. VJ says:

    In my PS3slim 1st disc works fine but when i try to play 2nd & 3rd disc it wont work it just goes black any solution for this problem will be really helpfull .

  41. Carlos says:

    Tengo el mismo problema que todos ustedes. La solucion que dicen es eliminar los datos de BD y apagar internet?. Gracias por contestarme.

  42. Review says:

    I do trust all the concepts you have offered in your post. They’re really convincing and can definitely work. Still, the posts are too quick for novices. May you please extend them a bit from subsequent time? Thank you for the post.

  43. Ruben says:

    Yup worked for me too. Thanks

  44. dvd ita says:

    I enjoy, lead to I discovered exactly what I was having a look for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  45. I have a blu ray player. I don’t use my PS3 to watch blu ray discs. Why do you still use a PS3 to watch BD? The players out there are much cheaper than a PS3. Get one to play it specificly.

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