Torr IQ Society: Are you on the top 0.13%?

Torr, the newest ultra-selective high IQ society has been launched recently. The International High IQ society announces the official launch of Torr 2 days ago. With an entrance requirement in the top 0.13 percent of the population. If your IQ is 145 and above, then you’re qualified to be part of this newest high IQ society.

As of now, there are only less than 100 members in the whole world. I think there will be more members as the time goes by. Check out for more details about this organization.

Inaugural members are entitled to a $10 discount on membership with the following promo code: FALL2010. Just make sure to click activate code before entering payment information.

Torr is founded by Nathan Haselbauer, the President of the International High IQ Society.

A friend of mine recently took the GIGI assessment test and his score passed Torr’s qualifications. He scored 155. He said that the questions are really easy because it’s all basic abstract reasoning patterns. If you love shapes and other non-verbal tests, I suggest you to try joining Torr. There’s a $3.99 test fee, but it’s worth it. You’ll be answering a 40-item culture-free progressive matrices IQ test designed as a nonverbal measure of general intelligence. You’ll have 30 mins to answer all questions.

If you want to be part of this elite organization, visit now!


21 responses to “Torr IQ Society: Are you on the top 0.13%?”

  1. i am a member of that iq society, we are only 64 members, i hope that many people would be member of this society like me and many others

    1. I qualified but would rather not pay the $49.99 for the symbolism. Are there any tangible benefits to being a member?

  2. I did find the test a lots easier than Mensa one ! (In Mensa one –Belgium–, you have 6 parts)
    I did score 152 (

    Which is a “quite good score” and I did it in one shot. 3 point less than your friend.
    I guess that time is taken into account and that I spent a lot of it checking again and again.

    I can’t find any information about how serious it is. Has someone some real informations about Torr itself and test correlation with WAISIIIR or CATELL/RAVEN ?

    Thank you in advance for any answers.

  3. Bryan Veloso Avatar
    Bryan Veloso

    @Programaths – Torr is quite new and I can’t find any reputable review or information from other websites about Torr. I guess it’s not that famous compared to other IQ societies, because it’s just recently launched.

    Let’s see what will happen to Torr after a few weeks or months. They have less than 100 members to date.

    And I agree! Torr is easier compared to Mensa. I took the Gigi sprint and all I can say that it’s really easy. I pretty sure that more than 0.13% of the total world’s population will pass if we all take the so called “GIGI Pro Certified” test.

  4. Hi! Wow! I’m about to try this one, but I am pretty nervous. LOL.

  5. @Bryan, thank you for your answer 🙂

    I’ll wait until it has some kind of reputation. (Or investigate in it one year)


  6. Is a iq above 145 on the International High iq Society test acceptable for admission into Toor?

  7. I got a 158 on this test. So i became a member of this society. Although i often ask myself the question whether the score is legitimate, it is still fun…

  8. @Helen,

    No need to be scared. The test carries fairly basic pattern recognition.

    So far, the norming on the test hasn’t been exactly perfect, and the goal of measuring really high levels hasn’t been obtained due to inadequacy of the questions (too easy)

    I joined Torr to see if it would stand above IHIQS in quality and common decency between members. So far my experience as a lurker has been fairly positive.

  9. Hi,

    an update about Torr shape : There is now around 175 members.
    I’m the newest member at this date.

    The main service is the forum. Maybe there will be more in the future…or not.

    And I agree! Torr is easier compared to Mensa. I took the Gigi sprint and all I can say that it’s really easy. I pretty sure that more than 0.13% of the total world’s population will pass if we all take the so called “GIGI Pro Certified” test.

    @Bryan, what I’m totaly sure (99.99%) is that any Mensa who take the test will be sucessfull, so at least 2% of the population.
    I did tough that it was an STD24 test, not STD15 !!!




  11. Tried a Gigi certified test, got an iq of 145 in one shot. I was interrupted in the middle of the test thought, not by a person, but the test ended withouth me getting to answer all the questions, and with time remaining. Just seems completely illogical.

    Their script doesn’t seem to handle norwegian letter “Ø”. Looking forward to be able to join torr, but have to figure a way to get the money as I am quite poor at the moment.

  12. Hey could you delete my previous post btw? Thinking, what if someone googles my name in work related situations? Could be intimidated :/

  13. Don Greek Avatar
    Don Greek

    All the Geniuses are here hahaha

    155, 167, what the F people? haha

  14. Credo che gigi sia abbastanza attendibile come cultur free test. Torr è veramente una grande iniziativa per tanti che hanno un alto iq. Io trovo sia un sito molto serio e molto congeniale.

  15. Michael Avatar

    GIGI assessment test was way too easy… feels like a scam to get you to join the so called ‘elite’ society

  16. Mensa placed me in the 93rd percentile, gigi gave a score of 158. Mm, which one is more accurate.

  17. Terrell Avatar

    The Gigi test is easy because it’s fair in it’s testing of non crystallized intelligence. Other test want to know how much you know. GIgi test how well you can know it.

  18. I was try that gigi test, and all i can say that, this test are most similar to mesa one in some countries… so basically people in my country (croatia) was took very similar test to gigi one.. and pass on that croatian mensa test was more that 50%… I’am member of croatian mensa… i got remember every single task on mesna test.. and yes task are very very similar..

  19. Are you kidding me?

    1. Christian Baune Avatar
      Christian Baune

      You are probably answering to Tomarad ?

      Each Mensa chapter can have his own set of tests because of cultural differences.
      In the past, Mensa Belgium used tests à la Catell/Raven, a bit like GiGiPro but harder.

      In fact, GiGi test is limited in the number of variants, variable and patterns. If you look at Raven/Catell tests, each item have his singularity. That sole property make the test a lot harder because you have to understand the structure for each item.
      In GiGi, if you understand the 3 kind of structure, you can ace the test.

      But, the GiGi test take the time into account. So faster you solve it, higher is your “score”. Processing speed is related to intelligence too. But it’s a limited window on it.

      I create test myself using a matrix ti classify seeds on which variants are applied.
      This system makes my tests harder than GiGi but less accessible too and less rewarding. People passing it score less than 30/60 and feel dumb or complain.
      (They say “multiple solution”, “impossible”, “tricky”, “random”)

      The GiGi tests is about the “g” factor and nothing else.

      Autistic people can score high on these tests without being gifted!

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