Gmail Add another email address you own Authentication failed even if the password is correct

Did you encounter this error even if your password is correct? “Authentication failed. Please check your username/password.
[Server response: 534-5.7.14 Please log in via your web browser and 534-5.7.14 then try again. 534-5.7.14 Learn more at 534 5.7.14 m3sm2558931lfb.8 – gsmtp code(534) ]
” Then you’ve come to the right place.


Add a domain or domain alias is no longer available for free G Apps accounts

Yep, you’ve read it right. Add a domain or domain alias is no longer available for free G Apps accounts starting last year I think. Suddenly I just can’t add any more additional domains to my other Google Apps account. I think they found it to be a loop hole or something. Because when you have an old Google Apps account with 2000+ users, you can add additional domain without limit. So you don’t need to buy a Google Apps for Business account in order to enjoy all the features of Google Apps.

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Google Apps Free Edition is now gone…

Today I received an e-mail that Google Apps free edition has been discontinued. Yep, you can no longer avail the awesome services that was offered by Google Apps starting today. All sign-ups before December 6, 2012 can still enjoy the free version of the Google Apps, but sign-ups after the 6th of December should avail of the Google Apps Business Edition that costs around $50.00/year or $5.00/month.

You can still sign-up for a free trial of Google Apps for Business, then after the free trial, you’ll need to pay $5.00/month. If you go to where you sign-up for a free edition of Google apps, you’ll be redirected to where you will be forced to sign-up for a Business edition, because you don’t have a choice.

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Managing your projects online has never been this easy!

What I’m going to share with you right now is how to manage your projects seamlessly online. Managing your projects online has never been this easy, as what my post title imposed. This Project Management software that I’m going to introduce to you is somewhat fantastic. It’s easy-to-use, with lots of features for project planning, tracking, and collaboration. This software is called Zoho Projects.