Look-alike: Niv Sultan and Alicia Vikander

They look like long lost twins. At first, I thought Alicia Vikander knows how to speak Hebrew and Farsi, but to my surprise, Tehran’s leading actress isn’t Alicia Vikander but another actress named Niv Sultan.

They are both hot and pretty with striking resemblance. I just can’t resist to not blog about it as I cannot find any articles or blog posts that already did.

So here you go! Niv Sultan and Alicia Vikander looks exactly the same. Like long lost twins!

Alicia Vikander or Niv Sultan?
Niv Sultan or Alicia Vikander?
Alicia Vikander? Niv Sultan? Niv Vikander!
Alicia Vikander! Oh wait, it’s Niv Sultan!

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Same thing happened with me, i watched till 4th episode and i thought it was Alicia. They can really play twin sister in a movie.

Huge Alicia fan for a long time, but I doubted she was doing a series. Great call Bryan!!! BTW that’s exactly how we spelled our son’s name … I will now follow Niv’s career, and hope they do someday play twins in the same feature.

OK, no doubt! Why if not I’m reading your post. I’m just searching for “niv sultan vs” and google suggest me “niv sultan vs alicia vikander”.
So.. the poll is simple. Please let us know how many users are unique users visiting this particular post.
Yeap all of us are thinking the same… they are just born-separated twins.

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