Sparc 4K LED TV Philippines Review: Reasons to NOT buy it!

This is a very short review of the unknown Sparc LED TV. I owned one (I bought it from Lazada last December 2016), and now it’s broken. There are no Sparc service centers the in Metro Manila and the whole Philippines, not even China, where it was made. You only have 7 days to return it to Lazada it case it’s not working anymore. So after 7 days, there’s no way to replace your super cheap TV.

A lot bought this TV from Lazada a month ago. Even my friends was lured to buy it because it’s unbelievably cheap. It’s like a disposable TV, for 5,999, you’ll get a 32″ LED TV and for only 19,999, you can buy the Sparc 55″ 4K LED TV! It’s insanely cheap right? 55″ 4K TVs are priced around 70,000 to 200,000 pesos. Too good to be true? You can actually buy one here. It’s for real and it’s insanely cheap.

But be careful. Always bear in mind that there’s a catch if it’s too good to be true. Here’s the catch, or here are the “catches” if there’s such word.
1. Sparc TV doesn’t have their own website to showcase their TVs.
2. You can’t find any details about this TV manufacturer, not even in Wikipedia.
3. They don’t even have an official Facebook page, Twitter account, or Instagram profile.
4. Sparc is a ghost. They manufacturer cheap TVs, sell it, and they can disappear anytime.
5. Sparc is not a well-known and established TV manufacturing company.
6. Lazada doesn’t even care if your Sparc TV is broken (after the 7-day warranty)
7. Lazada doesn’t even know about the whereabouts of Sparc Service Centers, I’m pretty sure there’s none.
8. It has a lot of fake positive reviews in Lazada, to lure buyers to buy a TV.
9. Some legit reviews in Lazada posted a 5-star positive review about their Sparc TV, without even using it. After they received the item, and it turned on, then 5 stars to Lazada!
10. You cannot find any other legit reviews on the web about Sparc TV!

So be very careful when buying one. But if you have money to spend and you’re willing to buy a disposable TV for 20,000 pesos or less, then it’s your money to spend.

But… if you’re really excited to enjoy the glorious 4k resolution in a 55-inch screen and you’re willing to enjoy it for a few days, then the Sparc 55″ LED TV Black 5500UHDTV 4K (Sparc 55-inch premium UHD LED TV) is perfect for you!

Spend wisely. Don’t be cheap.


61 responses to “Sparc 4K LED TV Philippines Review: Reasons to NOT buy it!”

  1. Hi sir Bryan. Thanks for warning others.
    I was planning to buy this tv. I remember that on the first day of the lazada online revolution on November 11, this tv was on sale for 18,000 pesos. But there was no review and it’s an unknown brand. I couldn’t find information about this brand and I couldn’t find their service center in Manila.
    I suggest to undecided buyers who want an affordable 55″ 4k TV to go for either hisense or tlc. They’re being sold at abensons ortigas (in front of sm podium), ansons robinson galleria and sm megamall. 28,500 for hisense and 32,500 for tlc. I tested them and both can play x264 and x265 movies from my USB drive. But both have weak speakers so you have to buy additional speakers.
    Hisense and tlc are Chinese companies. There are hisense and tlc tvs being sold in the US and in Europe.
    And most importantly, there’s a 2 years warranty. They have service centers in Manila and other provinces found on their website and brochure and it’s home service so the technician will goto your place to repair it.
    If you have more cash though, I suggest sticking with Sony, Samsung or LG (I personally own a Sony 42″ 1080p W70B that I purchased in November 2014 for 28,500 at sm megamall. I’ve been using it almost everyday and it’s still working until now).
    Hope this helps other undecided buyers.

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      thanks for the useful suggestions Rafael. 🙂

    2. Bryan,
      Just may have noted the name…Sparc or in your case, that’s CRAP S backwards..or moreover CrapShit!

    3. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      hahahaha! didn’t notice that it’s crap s! Thanks for sharing! hahaha!

    4. Amit Tripathi Avatar
      Amit Tripathi

      No I Don’t agree with the article, Every company take time to grow, they work hard and now they are in the market.
      They have Official website, Official Facebook Page & Youtube channel. even they have live chat available to assist People

      If you have some defect in product, you consult with them and can resolve your issue, i am happy with the Brand..

      Hence what i suggest kindly review the brand again ..

  2. wow that was super fast, december and january already broken, was also trying to purchase led tv at lazada glad to see this post.

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      glad you did you’re research before buying an unknown tv. you’re lucky if it’s broken within 14 days, but if it will last more than 2 weeks, then too bad for you as lazada will not replace it nor refund you.

  3. Vanessa Yu Avatar
    Vanessa Yu

    i searched for sparc led tv service center in google and found this post. too bad there’s no service center anywhere in the world. Sparc does not even have a physical office nor an official website! My Sparc TV won’t turn on after 15 days. Lazada won’t give my money back because it’s beyond their 14 days easy return policy. I just wasted 20k, i should have bought another brand that is well known. hayyyyyyy…..

  4. Sandy Tiu Avatar
    Sandy Tiu

    Lazada is crappy – no good seller.

    1. they sell you stupid gadgets which has little to no warranty.

    2. They do not respond to emails and queries. you only get a generic automated response and the stupid CSRs have no clue how to handle your case.

    3. no one in this company cares about your money and how much you patronize them. they shit on you like it’s a regular thing.


    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      You’re definitely right. They are selling a lot of junk and people are letting themeselves lured on buying them. I was once a victim. Never again.

    2. So you’re saying that my Bosch angle grinder, Lotus impact drill, and other stuff i bought off Lazada are “stupid gadgets”? Buy from reputable brands rather than some cheap Chinese knock-offs to be sure of the longevity of your product.

  5. Actually i bought the 32″ LED TV of SPARC last October 2015, and it still alive and kicking now, but I wonder now where is there 32 inches TV and not selling it in Lazada. It has over 170+ reviews as far as I remember when I bought the unit, it has average for 4.5 stars in review. It was worth Php5,600.00 when I bought it including voucher code.

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      wow that’s cheap and you’re lucky it lasted that long. ?

  6. I bought my Sparc 55″ TV last Dec 2016 and now it is not useable (black screen when watching movies). I searched online where is the service center, I found none and found this blog instead. So as not to feel hopeless, I try to call Lazada, they are very responsive, immediately after I call, I receive a ticket number thru email. After 24 hours, I already get a proper response. I already found the service center of Sparc. I called the number today to validate the information given by lazada and all are correct.

    Before we jump into conclusion, check first if you follow the proper process or you just rant over what happen. Give your order detail to lazada for proper assistance.

    Anyway, just to help you all,
    service center of sparc tv is located at 9/F @5600 Building Osmeña Highway corner Arellano St., Palanan, Makati.

    Bring your unit, warranty card and payment receipt from lazada. If you do not have the warranty card (lost already), I think you can try to just show your online reference purchase, better ask Sparc to confirm. I have the contact info and person but I will not give it here. Get it thru Lazada, check it for your own good. Do your part, read your right as buyer instead of just blaming others.

    1. Thanks for this comment, I just brought my broken Sparc TV to the service center that you mentioned.

      They immediately gave me a cost estimate to repair my broken 32″ TV and cost is 3x more than the value of the TV. I bought this for around 5999 only, and then repair cost is 17k + 3k for labor.

      I just didn’t go with the repair and bought a new one instead. I bought Hisense, a cheaper and more reliable brand.

    2. Rhaine Avatar

      Hi Gara tanung ko lang po kung pede ko po mkuha sa inyo yung contact no. Ng person n nsa sparc service center..kc po yun po sparc t.v. nmin is nag rereboot then nmamatay po cyang kusa .kung pede po sana mtulungan nyo po ako..salamat po and god bless

  7. anyone here who have problem with their sparc tv.we found the exact problem.we have the best solution for our sparc tv.guaranteed to last longer with no problem at or txt for more info 09087360853

    1. hi.. could you show us how to troubleshoot the black screen on sparc 55″ 4k tv.. thx

    2. Roel esteban Avatar
      Roel esteban

      Patulong bryan ano ang sira ung bigla nlng ng shot off ung tv nmin ayaw ng mag open eh.spark smart tv 32

  8. Sparc 55? 4K LED TV is a piece of shit.. so as Lazada too!!!!! they should not accept the product that is worthless .. i bought mine last January and now March is broken .. all you get is black screen . Now they told me I could send it back with its original box ohhh crap!!! how could i keep its box for long after I opened it I throw it away..I learned my lesson next time i will buy one in the store and with a known brand..


    1. we have the perfect solution for sparc tv.we found out the exact problem.tested and guaranteed

  9. Bought a Sparc 55 4K tv from Lazada in February 20017 defective right out of the box Lazada replaced it with a new one 1 month later I have sound only black screen what piece of junk these Tv’s are, might as well just flushed 20k down the toilet.

  10. Dothackjhe Avatar

    Thanks for this article. Really helpful, especially ngayon na meron na namang sale ang Sparc: 40″ Full HD LED TV for only P8,599.

    > . <

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      It’s scary to buy sparc. I’ll buy a samsung or a sony instead. ?

  11. Buddy Avatar

    Tnxforthe tips.Notbuying Sparc

  12. Tom Louwell Basco Avatar
    Tom Louwell Basco

    I bought Sparc 32″inch LED TV for only Php5299 – 300 voucher. The TV works just fine, its been 1½year. I notice some dead pixel but it disappears after trying to fix it. I also bought Ace 32″inch TV for only Php4999-250voucher. To check the TV’s durability, run it for 4days straight then if you see some deffects, send it back.

  13. How about the ace 55 inch 4k tv in is you think this one is better than the sparc.?

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      havent tried that TV before. You can buy it and return immediately in case it’s not working. But if it works for a month, then doesn’t work immediately after a month, then consider 20k as a TV rent payment. ?

  14. I’m still thankful that were using it for a year now and nothing seems bad. Hope this will work for more years

  15. Refers to recent question what is a sparc brand. This is not a ghost. This is a OEM chinese factory Quyie – well known of manufacturing cheap TVs. But you know, this is just a quality on consumers’ request. The same factory is able to do quite good products.

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      Thanks for sharing Casq ?

  16. Agoi wala na palang pag asa tong sparc soundbar p80 ko

  17. Ellen Marie Avatar
    Ellen Marie

    Lazada is offering to return the item to them and they will be the one to contact the service center for the repair as long as it’s under warranty. They asked me to just send it back to LBC with the order number and tell them that’s it’s a return to avail of warranty.. of course shipping is shouldered by them (Lazada). I purchased my 55″ sparc tv last Jan 2017 and 6 mos after, screen is on and off now. So disappointing! Good thing, Lazada is stepping ahead to resolve this issue. Moral lesson, always go for quality, never again for cheap thrills!

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      Warranty period is like 2 weeks right? Or more?

    2. Maam Ellen how to contact lazada po?

  18. Digs Murderer Avatar
    Digs Murderer

    naku magtigil ka.. maski branded tv nasisira kapag kapag nagpa repair ka ng branded tv gagastos ka pa din. at lahat naman ng lcd/led may lifespan. masisira at masisira yan. at bibili ka pa din ng bagong model…7mos na sparc 40 led ko. walang naman problema at napakaganda ng quality same with samsung n lg..haayst

    1. Anonymous Avatar

      tumigil ka rin. kase isa din akong ganyan, ng review pako ng 5 stars sa lazada dahil sabi ko bakit dame nagrereklamo dito eh ok nman sparc tv ko, not until umabot 7th month at dun na nagka aberya. Hintayin mo lang at buti 40 inches lng ang tv mo at di mas mahirap iship pabalik di tulad namen 55 inches at biglang masasayang lng pera dahil di mahanap service center.

  19. Ellen Marie Avatar
    Ellen Marie

    @Bryan: Warranty is one year not two weeks. Two weeks is lazada return/refund warranty. What I meant was Sparc’s repair warranty. As long as it’s within the year of your purchase, they can still repair it and Lazada will be the one to return to Sparc so less hassle.

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      nice. Sobrang malas nalang siguro if after one year masira ung sparc. No warranty, no returns. Thanks for sharing Ellen.

  20. Ludivina Avatar

    Hello po sa lahat…kabibili ko pa lang ng sparc smart Tv 32 in mag 2 weeks na ata ito ..ginagamit lang namin sa wifi kasi wala pa kaming cable for now ok naman siya hindi ko alam kung kelan mag last ang pagiging ok nito…
    salamat po sa mga comments helps…thanks po bryan at sa nagbigay ng address ng service center ng sparc
    ingat po and God bless us all

  21. Digs Murderer Avatar
    Digs Murderer


  22. Digs Murderer Avatar
    Digs Murderer


    1. Digs alyas boy tae! swerte mo at di defective and unit na natanggap mo..abnoy ka ba? itong blog na to ay basi sa experience nung nakabili at nasira agad..pasalamat nga mga tao dahil sa blog na ito ay aware na sila,,kesa masayang ang pera…

      Puro kasi tae laman ng utak mo…mag bo-blog ba si Byan Veloso kung ayus naman yung nabili nuang unit?? utak mo sa pweet yata eh…


  23. Yung saken alm8st a month ayaw na gumana ng remote kahit brand new ung battery. So pra mpunta sa menu gagamitin nlng ung button sa likod pero ayaw lumitaw ng menu… lng nappanuod di na mgaamit online… 🙁

  24. thanks byan veloso, this post is very useful! i was already about to this cheap sparc LED tV.

  25. Myra Leslie Narido Avatar
    Myra Leslie Narido
    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      thanks for sharing. this will boost consumer confidence now that they have a website and service centers ?

  26. Sparc Electronics Group –

    A privately owned consumer electronics and technology company headquartered in Hong Kong and currently operating in southeast asian region.

    SPARC designs and develops an affordable and quality LED TVs, computers, laptops, soundbars, home entertainment devices, and other related consumer electronics.

    1. Monique Avatar

      Good day… papano ba itong sparc tv namin mag 1 month palang ho the remote ayaw nang gumana then also the button at the back para sa menu ayaw rin only the volume and the.power ang gumana could u pls help us kung anong gagawin para gumana uli lahag pls lng nmn po…. kabibili lang namin last last month wala pang isang buwan…

    2. Ruben Avatar

      How to hard reset the sparc 40 tv
      The program is in trouble

  27. Hi Monique, tapatan mo ng flash light or yung cellphone mo ilagay mo sa flashlight mode tapos itapat mo sa screen ng tv, kung may maaninagan kang gumagalaw sa display na medyo malabo eh back light ang problem niyan.

  28. My service center pu ang sparc tv..pede ko bigay contact number nila

  29. This is so true, just regret buying that sparc TV. My husband both it from Lazada and now at exactly 14 days of use problem occured worst is they blocked my husband on messaging!

  30. Yeah, this sparc tv is crap and made of scrap. i bought a sparc tv from lazada, and pagka open ko pa lang, ndi na mabuhay, nakakatawa kc kelangan pang i woodcrate pag nireturn. such a disaster.

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      Now that’s scary. Haven’t encountered that before. I think most of their TVs have defects. Even if they know it they’re still selling it instead of recalling everything. T___T

  31. Cannae Avatar

    Thanks for the review Bryan. My brother just bought the 32 inch sparc tv last week. Weve noticed that it emitted a foul burning chemical smell after running it for the first time. After a few trial runs the smell disappeared. Does anynone have the same experience?

  32. For those who already bought this product and in need of repair, you may want to check out this link:

  33. Well i bought Sparc 24 inch for our Store, it’s about 7 months already and no problem whatsoever.

  34. Theo Vallejos Avatar
    Theo Vallejos

    Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for sharing this informative blogs about such experienced you have encountered using the said item. Well, i aso want to share mine as well. I bought 32in SPARC SNART TV for a less price. Yes, as cheap as expected. I purchased the item last October 5. When the time i got it, when i turned it on, the first thing i have noticed was a vertical line on the left side, and was a bit worried, seriously! But then the line disappeared after a couple of hour using it. I thought it was just fine, but when it reached about two months, then the glitch just came back up until now. I have informed Lazada about the said issue. They were able to assist me and gave me the assistance i need to fix the problem. They have coordinated with the manufacturer (supplier/seller) to help me the said issue and they gave me the instruction on how to claim the warranty as enclosed with my purchased. They gave me all the details i need to address the issue directly to the seller. They said, because i’ve already reached the 15day return policy, i should shoulder the shipment Back to them, and when it’s done they will give me some update and will shoulder the shipment of the item back to me. Keep in mind, you only have to pay for the shipment once, and the seller will shoulder the shipping of the item back to you. I understand your case, but you should have to deal whit this kind of situation , knowing that the item you bought, in the first place, was not really tested as certified best quality, and this concern should be done appropriately as it could ruin the reputation of the seller. Don’t take it personally, we both have different views, so live with it as a tip. Thanks

  35. My sparc 43 inch. tv is 3 years now. Wala pa namang problema. Yung lang remote ang nasira kasi nabagsak at naihagis ng aming baby. Di ko lang alam kumg san makabili.

  36. I bought one sa facebook, yung adverticement nila dun. 3yrs na din sya now.. remote lang din ang problema dahil pinaglalaruan ng baby ko..

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