Happyfresh Philippines doesn’t guarantee 1 hour delivery

I tried ordering today at happyfresh.ph, hoping that they will live to its promise of delivering your groceries within an hour, but I was disappointed with their service. It’s actually a lie. If you’re expecting your groceries to be delivered within an hour or within 2 hours, then you’ll be disappointed, just like me. They will not and cannot deliver it within an hour, I assure you. I selected the time 1-2PM after ordering at 12 noon. Surprise surprise, 2PM already passed, and the groceries are still not delivered. After refreshing their website several times, the status of my order is “Shopper has started selecting your items 19/05/2016 – 12:42PM”. They just started selecting and will deliver it in my area for 5-10minutes or less? I doubt it will arrive that fast, even if there’s no traffic, it’s literally impossible, unless the grocery shop is just 10 steps away from home.


I also placed another order today for 1-2PM delivery, after 30 minutes the status became “Shopper has started selecting your items 19/05/2016 – 1:10PM”. So there’s only 50 minutes left for the shopper to get all my items and deliver it to me, if ever they can deliver it on time. It’s already 3:06 PM now (Philippine Time) but the 2 orders I placed with them are still not delivered (screenshot below).

Happy-fresh-Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 3.06.34 PM

Anyway, I’ll try ordering again next time if I’m not in a hurry. Right now, I just tried their service to see if they can deliver within an hour because I need those groceries in an hour. Things that are too good to be true aren’t true at all. In reality, they can’t and I think they don’t have enough man power to deliver it as promised. Looking forward for their service to improve in the years to come.


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  1. Dencio Avatar

    I’m just looking around on the internet till i stumbled to your shitty website, i can’t help but comment on your not so happy fresh experience. Magkaiba tayo ng experience ang bilis ng service nila at wala akong naging problema. Its either sinadya mo na ibahin ang address mo or ibang number just to test the orders kasi in the first place wala ka namang balak bumili your just testing it. Bakit ka mag popost ng bad experience mo eh nung may 16 lang sila nag launch.

  2. You’re actually right. we ordered last week and our orders were late. More than 2 hours actually. But it’s ok. Nobody can deliver in an hour in Metro Manila naman. It’s understandable as they are new, and the traffic in Metro Manila insane. Maybe if the grocery shop is just 10 steps away from your address, they can deliver it in 30 minutes or less, but if you’re 1KM to 10KM away, good luck to the delivery guy. Haha!

  3. It is universally understood that it is impossible to guarantee one hour delivery in Metro Manila. Perhaps rather than slamming this new service we could recommend that they not promise something they cannot possibly achieve. It makes for a nifty, but impossible, advertising gimmick.

  4. they are closed. now we will all go to the hassle of needing to go find a parking space and long lines. so thank you for your crab mentality. happy now?

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      We still have MetroMart and Waltermart’s Grocery Delivery, even if it takes days or weeks before they deliver. HAHAHAHA!

    2. You may actually try Waltermart’s Grocery Delivery service – http://www.grocerydelivery.com.ph

  5. In Indonesia, happyFresh covered a wide area but still quaranted for 1 hour delivery

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