Norton 360 Offers Support for Several Browsers and Applications

Norton 360 is available to use on a wide array of systems. It provides support for a number of programs and applications and offers protection for numerous aspects of Internet and computer activity. In its newest incarnation, it is among the most praised security products on the market, offering features and benefits that other programs simply cannot. Norton 360, one of several security software programs offered by Symantec, is available for Windows operating systems, for versions XP, Vista, 7, and 8, which has just recently been introduced.

In cooperation with the Windows operating system you will see greater speeds, better performance, and more protection opportunities on the newest versions. In fact, recent updates have been made to correspond directly with the updates Microsoft made for Windows 8, ensuring that security on your system will be maximized without hindering your system’s performance. By going to or you can get download and get great a deal on this product and others just like it.

Norton 360 also provides support for the following:

  • Anti-spam support for Microsoft Outlook 2.0 or higher, Outlook Express 6.0 or higher, and Windows Mail.
  • Browser support for Vulnerability Protection, for Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox (32-bit only), and Google Chrome.
  • Browser support for Safe Search, Phishing Protection, and Password Management, ensuring that all of your information remains secure while your search results remain clean from suspicious websites.
  • Using the Internet without worry is possible – with Norton 360 installed on your PC or other device, disturbance from your normal activities will not be a problem.


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