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Sandra, a friend of mine way back college, asked me the question above. She has a subscription (her Mastercard has charges from MYLIFE PPL BKGRD SVC) and she wants to cancel it because she no longer uses it and she wants a refund. After she asked me this question, I just had a blank stare at her. I have no idea what it because I haven’t used that site before.

So, with the help of the good ol’ google, I quickly search about refund and subscription cancellation. Good thing I found a blog that wrote everything that I needed! This blog posted about Canceling Paid or Premium MyLife Subscription is Easy at! I said to myself! Oh holy mother of miracles! This is exactly what I need and this is what Sandra asked!

So I read the entire post and found out that there are several ways to cancel your premium subscription to MyLife. You can call’s customer care service at 888.704.1900 and ask them to cancel your account. They are available from Monday – Friday 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM (PT) Saturday – Sunday 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM (PT).

When you’re registered with Paypal, you can easily go to your account settings then click on the Preapproved Payments / Subscription, then cancel your MyLife subscription easily inside your Paypal account. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, you can just call the Paypal support hotline at 888-221-1161.

So there it is! Problem solved! Sandra thanked me for the information I gave her and I was really happy to have helped her because she’s my big college crush! Haha!

Btw, if you don’t have an idea what is, check out there website! Haha! I just read a lot of blogs and websites telling people that is a big fraud and a scam. Just do your research first before registering to these kind of sites, ok? There’s Facebook anyway to get in touch of good old friends. And the great thing about Facebook is it’s free. You can also try Google+ or LinkedIn to meet old friends.

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  1. I am retired, age 58, disabled, and got suckered into MYLIFE last night. I was trying to enter one month of service for $7.95 and then they zapped me for $119.00 on my CC. I LIVE on my credit card to help me during the month when my check won’t cover my expenses. The site offered the LIE to me then got my card and now I have only 8.00 dollars left on my card. PLEASE help me. MYLIFE site said to complain to support and support doesn’t exist. I tried another place on their site to complain to and it when you enter your complaint it WILL NOT enter, just keeps showing that little string of dots, as if they were trying to enter it but it never happens.
    Theresa Rodriguez
    I hope my CC company will help. I don’t know what to do. I need, repeat need, my refund.

  2. We received a call from our credit card company yesterday regarding fraud charges, which they were. I know there used to be a social website called My Life, but I thought it was free. What we got was something else called BLS*MYLIFE PEEP SEARCH

    That is a fraud thing, so make sure you don’t get them mixed up. I would call your credit card and explain what happened. They should help you, although it may not happen overnight.

  3. Hello, just like many other people (it’s all over the internet) I was recently scammed by this company. A $95 charge appeared on my credit card and I had never subscribed to or even heard of this company. When you dispute the charge with your credit card company, this “my life pro” company then sends your credit card company a copy of a fake “subscription page”. The page contained public information, my first and last name, and a “user name” that I would never use. They appear to have people’s credit card numbers and fill in the rest. They claim that you subscribed more than a year ago and that they are just billing you for your annual charge because you “haven’t cancelled”. Obviously you’ve never heard of the thing so never knew to cancel it. They claim to be some kind of “identity protection” company. I have never subscribed to any such service. They must be raking in the money. Hope these fraudsters are in jail soon.

  4. see Santa Monica vs. MYLIFE PRO , there is a permanent injunction against this company and its other names, they were found guilty in 2016 of false advertising, fraudulent and misleading practices, making fraudulent charges, etc. Watch out for charges from this company on your credit card, often an unknown $95 charge. They claim you subscribed the year before and that it was an annual renewal charge. They even supply a bogus “subscription page” to your credit card company. Send your credit card company the link to the court judgment / permanent injunction which can be found by searching “City of Santa Monica – to pay over $1 million in fines and refunds”

    1. I mean send your credit card company a copy of that court judgment, rather than a link to it. You can find the pages there. Good luck if this has happened to you!

  5. i want to cancel subscription to bls mylife peep search as 5th may 2017 i no longer used the site i have inform my bank to stop all payments to you
    mr j a Griffiths

    i wish to cancel my subscription bls mylife peep search as 5th may
    2017 as i no longer user the site i have inform my bank to stop all payments to you
    mr j griffiths

  6. I wish to cancel my subscription bls mylife peep search as 16th May
    2017 as I am no longer a user of the site Ihave inform my bank to stop all payments to you

  7. AWARENESS TO ALL READER`S: BLS*my life ppl bkrd ….is a scam. It is costing me $14.95 a month. I am trying to get it stopped. I did not sign up for this service.

  8. I have called two different times, the first with the help of my credit card company, to cancel these charges. They keep telling me that all memberships are cancelled, but then I get another charge of $14.95. What a total rip off.

  9. I accidentally subscribed not knowing what I was doing. Please cease the monthly payments, IMMEDIATELY. I WAS MISLEAD INTO THINKING IT WAS A ONE-MONTH TRIAL.

  10. I did not sign up for this I want it stopped now. It is charging my cc and I don’t want nor have i ever applied for this.8887041900. CANCEL IT NOW!! $


  12. Can u please refune me my $20.95 + $19.95 you charge me. My understanding is it was only $1.00 n now I see on my bank statement that I was charge twice for these amounts. I got bills to pay n now can’t pay. I live on a $750 so check n now my only money I had for my light bill is gone. Thanks I will not get back on you app again so please refine my money

  13. jESSICA,
    cancel subscription for linda warzusen. this was an error. There was a one time option that did not have correct information.


  14. please remove me from the subscription it was only a one-time thing and I did not authorize a full subscription!!!!!

  15. Please refund me my 14.95 I didn’t tell you all to take out my account I did a one time thing for $1 and that was it not for y’all to continue to take money of my debit card then y’all trying to do another for 95 dollars what’s wrong with you people just refund me please thank u

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