Windows 8 Airplane Mode Bug Fix: Can’t turn off Airplane mode after turning it on

Windows 8 Airplane Mode
If you’re a Windows 8 user and you’re pretty curious about its features, then you must have encountered this problem. I just solved this a while ago after lots and lots of binging, googling, and duckduckgoing. Haha! Finally, I found a working solution. There are a vast number of solutions if you search it online, but not all of it works.

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Phone Authentication For Identity Safekeeping

The internet has become a vast community that is filled with various kinds of people. It has been a haven of those who are into information dissemination and those who are just fooling people for a living. The latter is very reason why trust is so hard to build when it comes to transactions online. Security companies are constantly trying to keep up with the latest technology to stay one step ahead of the hackers. Many companies are choosing to use two-factor authentication and other security measures to ensure online security.

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How tablets are taking the place of PC’s for many people

There are many reasons for people to be taking their business elsewhere when it comes to the world of technology. It’s not so much that people are turning their back on a brand, but rather that they are turning their back on an entire type of technology. In this way the trend is not a new one. As new innovations enter the market there will inevitably be those that embrace the new technology and those that don’t.

Internet Login Page Revamped Today

Yep, it’s revamped. Just today. I noticed it a while ago, because I logged in at an hour ago, and the their web design is still the same. When I logged in just now, it’s completely revamped. Below is the screenshot of the new!

That’s all! I just want to share the new Paypal login page design. After you login, everything is still the same. But I think they will change the design in a week or in a few days.

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Managing your projects online has never been this easy!

What I’m going to share with you right now is how to manage your projects seamlessly online. Managing your projects online has never been this easy, as what my post title imposed. This Project Management software that I’m going to introduce to you is somewhat fantastic. It’s easy-to-use, with lots of features for project planning, tracking, and collaboration. This software is called Zoho Projects.


Looking for something custom-made?

Coleen, a colleague of mine, once asked if I know someone who can create custom-made giveaways for their company’s Christmas Party. They were looking for someone (or a company perhaps) who can make personalized travel mugs, water bottles, ceramic mugs, t-shirts, hats, caps, corporate apparels, mouse pads, and everything that can be personalized.


Shout it from the desktops

Whether your business resides on the internet or is a brick and mortar operation, it can benefit greatly from being advertised and marketed online. Let’s face it; in this day and age, anyone who isn’t online or at least a little online savvy is truly stuck in the past and it is your responsibility to your customers, both existing and prospective, to be available on the most popular medium to-date.