BPI Express Online Error: 3rd party accounts gone in transfer funds

If you encountered this certiain bug, glitch, error or whatever they call it, fear not! I have a solution for you. If you have over 14 3rd party accounts enrolled in your bpiexpressonline.com account, then you have most likely encountered this problem a long time ago and you already know the work around to fix it. But, if you encountered this for the first time and you wonder why your enrolled 3rd party accounts doesn’t show in the drop down menu after selecting your source account, then this post is for you.

The first time I encountered this, I freaked out. I thought all the 3rd party BPI accounts in my BPI express online account was wiped out, accidentally deleted or just gone because something really bad happened. Maybe I was hacked and somebody deleted the 3rd party accounts. Or maybe, it’s just a minor glitch in their system.

When I found out that my 3rd party accounts were gone, I then called BPI customer hotline to report the issue. They checked it on their end, and all the 3rd party accounts were there. Sounds weird, but I can’t see it on my end. I refreshed the page and click Funds Transfer > Transfer Funds Today again, and there it is! It’s there!

So I selected my source of funds again and the 3rd party accounts were gone again! Haha! That was when I found out that it’s not a glitch on my end, it’s on BPI’s system. It’s something in there source code. You can parse the data if there are more 14 accounts enrolled as third party accounts. I reported the problem to BPI and explained everything in a detailed manner. They thought that the problem is just with my browser, but it’s obviously not. I can transfer funds without any problem from my dad’s BPI account and my friend’s BPI accounts, because they only have less than 14 3rd party accounts enrolled in their BPI express online account. Obviously, the problem is with their system.

I e-mailed BPI support again and I said that they should forward me to the IT team to explain their website’s problem. They replied that they found out the problem and understood what I’m talking about and they have forwarded it to the department who can fix their website glitch. That was 3 years ago, and until now, this problem isn’t fixed.

But wait, I have a solution as a temporary work around in order for you to send funds to 3rd party accounts via BPIexpressonline.com. There are two options, you can send it via BPI Express Mobile. Download the app first by going to Other Services > Express Mobile Registration > Mobile Banking. Then install and activate your mobile app. You can send funds seamlessly without encountering any glitch at all.

If you don’t want to mobile banking option, here’s solution number 2. You can disable javascript in your browser, but first select the recipient of funds. Click the “to this account” dropdown first. Then go to your browser settings and disable javascript. Now, click the “from this account” dropdown and choose your source of funds account. Then, enable javascript again. Then click “TRANSFER NOW”. That’s it! It works with all browsers in Windows, but it doesn’t work in Chrome if you’re using a MAC. Just use Safari in Mac if you want to do this workaround.

I hope this mini-tutorial helped you guys send funds without problems. BPI won’t bother to fix this minor website glitch as they don’t have time or maybe they don’t know how to.


2 responses to “BPI Express Online Error: 3rd party accounts gone in transfer funds”

  1. Nathalie Fernando Avatar
    Nathalie Fernando

    what are the banks affiliated with BPI that we could enroll as 3rd party? Thanks

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      it’s 3rd party BPI accounts, not banks. 🙂

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