The Who’s Who of celebrity Bingo Players

If you like to play bingo like the countless millions of local and online bingo players spanning the globe, then you’ll be pleased to know that many of the famous celebrities you just can’t get enough of also share your passion for the timeless and beloved game of bingo.

That’s right bingo buffs, superstar actresses Catherine Zeta-Jones and Kate Moss apparently love the game of bingo almost as much as making male movie goers everywhere swoon out of their collective senses.

In the case of Welsh actress Zeta-Jones, the superstar actress and wife of American icon Michael Douglas occasionally hosts her own celebrity bingo tournaments.

Another UK product has made it well known that he loves a good game of bingo is superstar singer Robbie Williams, who can often be spotted at some of the biggest and best bingo halls singing his way to bingo victory.

Okay, bingo buffs, the aforementioned trio of celebs aren’t the only famous folks that like to play bingo.

Did you know that two more UK products love to throw down the good ‘ol B-I-N-G-O?

Calm down guys, but yes, it’s true that glamorous model Katie Price and knockout actress and presenter Denise Van Outen also likes to kick some bingo butt whenever they’re not making men’s tongues wag everywhere.

Another important person that likes to play bingo is former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Rumor has it that the former President loves the game because the majority of players are women, but I won’t even go there.

Another pair of UK legends loves to play bingo as well as former Spice Girl Emma Bunton and U2’s legendary Bono try to take down the bingo competition on a fairly regular basis.

A trio of American female stars is also involved heavily in bingo. Hilton hotel heiress Paris Hilton, television and film star Courtney Cox the talent-lacking ‘daughter or Aaron’ Tory Spelling have all been spotted out and about with bingo cards bulging out of their purses.

In all seriousness, there are a multitude of celebrities that love to play bingo – and really, it’s not that surprising, when you think about the fact that each and every one of these celebrities probably started playing the age-old game of bingo with mum or dad when they were just tykes themselves.

So, the next time you’re in your local bingo hall and you think you see a famous celebrity; you should just go over and introduce yourself, because you might just be right!


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