SM Advantage sneaky points earning system

I just noticed this now, that the mechanics of SM Advantage in their FAQs page is a lie. I noticed this after buying something at SM Appliance Center that is worth 200k. Suppose to be, you’ll be awarded 1 point for each 200 pesos spent. You may refer to the screenshot below:


So I should receive around 1000 points, for a 200k php spent, right? To my surprise, I was only awarded half of it. I received 500 points for a 200,000-peso purchase. I then checked my other purchases and found out that SM actually awards 1 point for every 200 pesos spent, except for SM Appliance Center, SM Supermarket, Hypermarket, Our Home, and Watsons which is 1 point every P400 pesos spent.

Lesson Learned: Don’t believe what you see in SM’s advertisements and what they wrote in their FAQs page. They are sneaky big bastards.

UPDATE: SM seems to have updated their FAQs page. We can now see that we only earn 1 point for 400 pesos spent in selected stores:

So what will happen to Dr. Walter White?

Oh time runs so fast and it’s already October. Last month, I’ve been hooked on this American TV series called Breaking Bad. At first, I thought it wasn’t that interesting, but after watching episode one of season one, I can’t stop watching the next episode after it, and the next episode after it, and the next, and the next, and the next one! Whew! Breaking Bad is truly a thrilling and worthy-of-praise TV series.
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