pRO New Chaos New IP:

If you’re an openkore user and an avid pRO player, then you’ve noticed that you can’t connect to the server right after yesterday’s server maintenance. It’s because that the New Chaos server changed its IP from to You need to update your servers.txt inside your tables folder in order for you to connect your openkore bot again to the Philippine Ragnarok Online New Chaos server.
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Modify the WordPress Tag Cloud Widget Easily

There are numerous ways of how to modify the WordPress tag cloud widget, but there’s an easy way to modify it. I searched about how to modify such, and landed on different blogs sharing different methods to modify the widget. I also landed on this page which tells everyone to modify the WordPress core. But I don’t think it’s the best solution to customize your WordPress Tag cloud.
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Google Profiles redirects to Google Plus and why it’s annoying

If you’ve noticed this, then you’ve noticed it! Google Profiles now redirects to Google Plus. This is not really a big deal for everyone, but a big deal for vain people who already fell in love with their custom Google Profiles friendly URL. If your name is Paul and you have a Google profile with the URL, it will now be redirected to 20 annoying random integers here)

Good thing the Google user with the username Paul didn’t create a Google+ profile yet (as of writing this post). But when the time comes that he creates a Google+ profile, his lovely /paul friendly URL in Google Profiles will be gone to oblivion and will be converted to a Google Plus user ID.
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Elegant Themes ePanel: Add All Categories in Featured Category Options

If you’re an Elegant Themes user and you’re a complete PHP noob and you want to add “All Categories” as an additional option in your featured category inside your ePanel, because by default, there are no “All Categories” option in the featured category options of Elegant Themes’ ePanel, then your search is over.
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Congratulations to myself for reaching 100 posts!

Congratulations to myself for reaching 100 cool posts in this blog! I’ll do my best to write and sharing more interesting posts more often! My target is to reach 200 posts this year. I know that’s a challenge, because I only made 100 posts since I started this blog. But I only update it now to often before compared lately. If I can make at least 1 post per day, I think I can easily complete my goal for this year! Wish me luck!
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