Google Profiles redirects to Google Plus and why it’s annoying

If you’ve noticed this, then you’ve noticed it! Google Profiles now redirects to Google Plus. This is not really a big deal for everyone, but a big deal for vain people who already fell in love with their custom Google Profiles friendly URL. If your name is Paul and you have a Google profile with the URL, it will now be redirected to 20 annoying random integers here)

Good thing the Google user with the username Paul didn’t create a Google+ profile yet (as of writing this post). But when the time comes that he creates a Google+ profile, his lovely /paul friendly URL in Google Profiles will be gone to oblivion and will be converted to a Google Plus user ID.

Not just that! If you have a Picasa album or any other Google services that uses a friendly URL with your name, it will all be redirected to your Google+ user ID which is a 20-digit random integer.

And also, if you’re using your Google Profiles URL as an Open ID, you won’t be able to use it anymore. It’s really annoying and we can do nothing about it.

Anyway, this is not a big deal to everyone. Only to vain people like me.


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  1. i seem to be nonplussed with this Google plus development, Bryan. haha. I just get occasional alerts from people with Google+ accounts but I never got to try them just yet. Facebook is already hard to manage as it is.

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