What is the Singapore Lokpal Bill?

I just read about the Singapore Lokpal Bill in some of the Gtalk, AIM, and YM statuses of my online friends. I don’t know what the heck is this bill and I don’t have a single clue about it. As what I have read, this bill eliminated corruption in Singapore. 142 corrupt ministers were arrested in a single day after this bill was passed in the year 1982. This bill improved Singapore’s economy and boosted its employment rate.
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The Picture of Nicole Crowther

I’ve been searching for the picture of this Glee cast. I can’t seem to find any existing picture or image of her online. Hmmmm? Is Nicole Crowther really part of Glee? Or this is just a publicity stunt so that Glee fans will search for her and will wait for the next episode to see if what she leaked is actually true.

She doesn’t exist anywhere, she’s not even in Wikipedia or any entertainment sites. She’s also not included in the list of Glee extras or cast. Geeez… Who is this mystery gir!?!l? Her Twitter account doesn’t even exist!

Please share your insights below. If anyone here knows Nicole Crowther, please, oh please, upload her picture online. I’m really curious if she’s really part of Glee and what she looks like.